3 carpet cleaning hacks any housewife needs

It is not too difficult to come across a luxurious carpet in today’s modern living spaces. They help bring a beautiful space as well as a sense of smoothness during use time. In order to keep the carpet durable, the carpet cleaning hacks are extremely necessary and not to be missed.


So how to clean carpet quickly at home is what many families are concerned today. Keep in mind the simple methods we summarize in the article below.

Why do we need to clean the carpet regularly?

Carpet cleaning will help remove dirt and bacteria. Source: Google image


First of all, you need to understand the importance of cleaning the carpet so that you have your own awareness and responsibility. It is sad to say that many families still ignore this job because of too busy life or being subjective.


Carpet cleaning will help remove dirt and bacteria on your carpet during use time. Many people think that regular cleaning the house will keep it clean and free of dust. This is completely wrong, because the dust can get stuck in the carpet yarn. Or when you drop food and drinks in the carpet and not completely clean it after use, it will cause an unpleasant odor. Therefore, cleaning will completely eliminate the risk of residence of bacteria, mold and protect the health of your family.


The use of decorative carpets are to make the floor more stunning. But if they are not cleaned after long periods of use, they will become stale and dull. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and keep the carpet as beautiful as new to prolong the durable of your carpet.

Carpet cleaning hacks you can apply everyday at home

Carpet cleaning hacks you can apply everyday. Source: Google image


In daily life, you can follow simple carpet cleaning hacks to clean carpet at home quickly and bring good results.

Clean the carpet regularly

You should regularly clean your carpet. Source: Google image


Regular carpet cleaning is a simple way to clean your carpet as well as bring the best effect that families should not ignore. This helps to remove dirt on the carpet, avoid them from forming stubborn stains. An extremely simple job that you can use when cleaning the house is to use a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum your carpet once a week to completely remove dirt from the carpet. However, remember to pay attention to the structure of the carpet fiber to return and clean it properly to avoid returning dust as well as affecting the life of the carpet.

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Wash your carpet periodically

Wash your carpet periodically. Source: Google image


In the process of cleaning, carpet cleaning is an especially important job not to be missed. Although this is not done often, it has a great effect in completely cleaning the most stubborn dirt inside the carpet. Normally, for sofa carpet or bedroom carpet, you should wash about once every 3-6 months, office carpet should be washed every 6 months.

Handling stains quickly

Cropped image of man cleaning stain on carpet with sponge

Handling stains in carpet immediately. Source: Google image


In the process of using carpet, the stain is inevitable. Especially for families with young children who often run and eat on a high-end sofa in the living room, they will drop food and drinks. Now you need to clean the carpet quickly to completely remove the stains. This is especially important for protecting your family’s carpet.


During the cleaning process, chemicals should be avoided because it affects the structure of the carpet, which affects the durability of your carpet or the amount of chemicals might affect the health of family members. Please use some carpet cleaning tips below:


– White vinegar: This is a natural ingredient in the kitchen that can clean carpet quickly by removing color stains effectively. Mix ¼ spoon of vinegar with ¼ cup of alcohol and dampen the stain with a damp cloth.


– Salt: if your carpet has wine stains, then salt will be the most suitable material. You just need to sprinkle salt on the dirty area and wait until the salt changes color, your carpet will be clean.


– Ice: For stains caused by chewing gum, put some ice in the bag then put this bag on the stain for about 10 minutes, the stain will be peeled off and now you just have to gently remove it.


When cleaning carpets, use soft towels instead of brushes because this will affect the carpet yarn and can ruin the durability of the carpet. Before buying new carpet, you should find a trustworthy shop to ensure the carpet you buy is durable and has high quality.


With everything we have just shared, hopefully you will be able to clean and keep your family’s carpet as beautiful as new.


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