7 room cleaning hacks everyone needs to know

House room, especially bedroom is a place to relax after a stressful day, so cleaning the bedroom is always an important task to do.


However, with today’s busy life, extreme laziness always turns the bedroom and the whole house room into a mess.


You can even look at all the mess and think of cleaning it yourself, but then you quickly give up when you don’t know where to start. So, to help you clean the bedroom, these 7 simple tips can be extremely helpful:

1. Equipping necessary basic cleaning equipment

You need to equip everything you need to tidy up the rooms. Source: Google image


Like a soldier going to a battle and needing fully equipped weapons ready, you need to equip everything you need to tidy up and clean your house room and your bedroom in particular, they are the necessary tools to support all your room cleaning hacks.


These items include things needed to deep clean your room and bedroom. It includes trash bags, vacuum cleaner, cleaning cloths, brooms, baking soda, vinegar and dusty items.


Take a look around the bedroom and assess the areas you need to clean, such as windows, floors, fans, beds, mattresses, pillows, sheets and clothes racks …

2. Eliminate all unnecessary clutter

Remove all unnecessary stuff in the rooms. Source: Goole image


Normally, we own a lot of things that look cute in the store but are extremely messy when taking home.


Marie Kondo, a very famous housemaid, once said: Keep only what you really need in your bedroom. By this way, you can reset your life and start a new lifestyle. Keep the decoration to a minimum and get rid of unnecessary things right away.

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3. Room cleaning hacks to clean the mattress

Mattress needs to be cleaned regularly. Source: Google image


Mattress is the most important element in the bedroom, so it needs to be cleaned regularly, the mattress is easy to accumulate dirt, so if not cleaned neatly after such a long time of use, this could be cause you to suffer from respiratory diseases.

When cleaning the mattress, you should vacuum down from the top to make sure to remove all dirt on the mattress. Stains created by sweat and body fluids will require a bit more work.


The best way to protect your mattress from stains is to use a waterproof, breathable mattress protector.

4. Wash pillows

Dirty pillows often lead to allergies, wheezing. Source: Google image


Pillows are not only sticky with saliva but also contain a lot of dust, dead skin cells, fungi…

Dirty pillows often lead to allergies, wheezing, making breathing and skin irritation especially worse at night.

One of the room cleaning tips to maintain a hygienic sleeping environment, buy an easily washable pillow to help you sleep better without having to worry about the pillows getting dirty.

Note, move your furniture around to make sure you clean the dust every nook and cranny.

5. Sweep and clean out dirt in the house

Regularly sweeping the house. Source: Google image


You may not even notice the small spiders on the ceiling or the lice hide under furniture, so regular cleaning of the house, cleaning up dirt is extremely necessary.

Sweep down from the ceiling, move furniture around to make sure dirt is cleaned in every corner.

You can use the old pillow case to wipe off the dust accumulated on the fan or use a cloth with some glass cleaner to wipe dust, antibacterial wipes are also not a bad option.

6. Vacuum the floor

Vacuum the floor should be done after sweeping the floor. Source: Google image


After cleaning up the dust on furniture, the next tips for cleaning your room is to sweep the dust off the floor. Dirty carpets will need to be deep cleaned, you can take advantage of baking soda, vinegar … to clean carpet perfectly. If your bedroom has carpet, remember to vacuum it well.

7. Clean the mirrors and windows

Clean the mirrors and windows often. Source: Google image


Rub rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and to clean all mirrors and windows to remove dirt, you can also use glass cleaner, or a vinegar and water solution to clean the mirrors and windows thoroughly.

Cleaning expert Marie Kondo once said: You can’t change your cleaning habits without changing your mindset. So, it’s time for you to starting turning your house into paradise by cleaning it carefully now.

The house room and bedroom will bring you a sense of relaxation, make your mood more comfortable and fun. Therefore, applying amazing cleaning room tips will make a habit of cleaning your house regularly, even if you have to spend hours to do it, and you will never regret the result you have then.


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