How to terminate a cleaning contract?

Ideally, to keep your life hygienic and clean, hiring a commercial cleaning service is necessary. However, at some point you may want to cancel a contract with this company. In most cases, people do not relish ending a contract, especially with an office cleaning crew whom you have worked with for many years. But it is vital that you terminate a cleaning contract properly to protect yourself legally. This document shows you the reasons and the process of ending a contract.

Reasons for termination

Whether you are an individual or a business who has employed cleaning services, sometimes you may be dissatisfied with their cleaning crew. Terminating a contract is not usually a snap decision. There are plenty of reasons why you need to change commercial cleaning team.

Be honor about the reasons for your ending of a cleaning contract

  • The service offered does not accommodate your needs and requirements as mentioned in the contract.
  • The team add costs for additional services and do not have proper policy for cleaning out of the business working hours.
  • The cleaning crew is not trained professionally. They do not comply with the cleaning standard and use the specialized equipment if needed.
  • Supervisor of cleaning service is hard to contact and not supportive for your business.
  • Costs for equipment and supplies are likely to rise while the quality itself goes down.

Regardless of the above specific reason, it is definitely time to end the relationship with the cleaning service provider correctly and find a new better service from another cleaner. Your office can be only clean and fresh if you hire the right cleaning crew in the right job.

Finding the contract cancellation clause

Once you approach your office cleaning service to notify them of your termination, the very first thing you will hear is that “You are in the contract”. This situation might be discouraging. You know that you definitely change a cleaning crew, but you are legally stuck in a case that does not solve your problems. Then you need to read the contract carefully and find out the cancellation clause.

You should read the contract carefully and find the termination clause

Be sure that you are complying with the terms of your agreement in regard to the time frame, the conditions and manner of termination. For instance, some indicate that you cannot terminate a cleaning contract before one year although you have proof of cleaning service not performing their service consistently. Sometimes, contracts can be broken because one side does not meet certain requirements or other legally reasons.

Time to end your cleaning contract

The moment you notify your current cleaning team you are going to cancel the contract you are most likely to see an improvement in service. It is a bad move for your cleaner because it demonstrates that their service was not as good as promised. But by telling them that a tender is happening should give them a sign about unprofessional service. Remember to notify the cleaners 14 days in advance to cancel a contract for any reason. Because this does not come as a hard shock for cleaning service providers.

Once you have chosen new better cleaners, it is definitely time to notify them about your decisions. Be honest about the reasons for terminating and remember to thank them for their time and effort as your cleaner.

When should you notify your decision to terminate a cleaning contract with service provider?

It is a matter to give your office cleaning crew a chance to re-tender. Especially when you have a good relationship or have worked with them for many years, this could be enough to make them improve their service. You will receive a phone call over asking for their upgrading service or offering a cheaper deal. In these cases, simply explain what you are expecting when hiring a cleaning service provider. And another firm is more closely delivered on your own needs and requirements.

Tips to terminate a cleaning contract professionally

When ending your contract with a cleaning service provider, remember always be in a professional manner. If not, this will tarnish your image and ruin your relationship. Here are steps you should follow to remain professional.

Start by giving your reason and reviewing current contract

Be honest about the reasons for your change of contractors. Also you should honor the contract and any reasonable needs to avoid severing the relationship that could be destructive to your company. However, some contracts do not include a cancellation clause. Before approaching your office cleaning team, knowing what the agreement is will help you prepare an effective termination of contract letter.

To end your contract professionally that do not ruin your image and relationship, you should follow these steps

Find this clause and check the required timeline. Normally these agreements will go in increments of 30 days, 60 days or even 90 days. Then you need to review the cancellation clause to have a better understanding of the terms and conditions in the contracts. This will allow you to prepare a letter with accepted reasons that are in compliance with the cancellation agreement.

Organize all related documents

While formulating your end of contract letter, you should gather all documents that you previously had with the cleaning service team. Disorganizing a termination looks unprofessional. By contrast, with systematic communications documentation in hand, you will get the support you need to avoid legal issues when canceling the agreement.

Prepare your draft termination letter

With a better understanding about the contract and the supporting evidence for reasons of termination, it is time to write your letter. In this letter, you should state clearly your name and address, and also include the name and address of the cleaning service provider.

The next step is that outline the reasons why you terminate a cleaning contract. It should include the dates, specific violating cases and any other evidence to support your request to end the contract. Even if you are not happy and just want to not renew the contract with current service team, your letter should explain this reason.

Send the termination letter

Once the cancellation letter is well-prepared, you should send it to the contractor in the mailbox. Sending by post is appropriate in case you can confirm that the commercial cleaning service receives the letter. In most cases, hand delivering the letter might be the most prefered way. Because it makes sure that the letter gets in the hands of the right person.

Prepare the final details

When ending your relationship with the cleaning crew, you will need to have the final details ready. This includes giving all the required payment to the contractor. Moreover, you also need to follow the proper procedures to secure your home or your building such as changing the locks and alarm codes and follow all the termination terms in the agreement. It is vital to maintain your professional manner and image.

When the cleaning service team does not handle all your issues and requirements and you become dissatisfied with their service, it is absolutely time to go to tender. This document has given guidance on how to terminate a cleaning contract. It is very important to end a relationship properly and find a new provider. Not doing so could harm your business reputation and open the door to legal issues.


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