Bunch of bathroom cleaning hacks you definitely should know

Have you ever tried to spend more than an hour to clean the bathroom with sweat and strong smell of bleach, but a few days later, everything is back to the beginning? Find out all bathroom cleaning hacks for the bathroom floor below.


To clean floors, walls and other utensils in bathrooms, you can choose natural bathroom cleaning tips like vinegar and baking soda. If you want a quick, time-saving effect, you can choose detergents, currently sold in the market besides cleaning chemicals. There is also a safe, organic water cleaner that saves cleaning time.

1. Bathroom cleaning hacks with natural detergent?

Natural detergent is a very effective ingredient to clean the bathroom. Source: Google image


Before cleaning the bathroom, you need to take out all cosmetics, towels, … all the items that do not belong to the bathroom. Then you should wipe off the spider web in the corners of the bathroom (if any). Use a dust mop to brush on the bathroom lid, bathroom floor.


To avoid odors during cleaning, open the bathroom door, turn on the fan for ventilation. At the same time, pour some detergent or other disinfectant into the bathroom. Also place the bathroom brush inside the bowl to clean it before you clean the bathroom.


Items to prepare:


Pair of rubber gloves

Bathroom brush

Eye protection glasses


Spray bottle

Paper towels or cloth

Brooms and dust mops


Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are very familiar to many housewives. Source: Google image


Baking soda and vinegar are natural bathroom cleaning hacks and are very familiar to many housewives. They have the ability to clean and deodorize extremely effectively. Baking soda and vinegar or other natural cleaners all require more washing time than industrial detergents. Therefore, before you start the cleaning process, you should take the time to stain soot and then begin your work.


Before cleaning the ceiling or bathroom floor, it is advisable to spray hot water all over the floor, walls and then close the door and wait a while, the hot steam will help the stains peel off faster.


Step 1: Prepare the bleach.


Mix a spoon of baking soda with about 75-25g of white vinegar and water to make natural detergent. The amount of detergent depends on the floor area of ​​the tile and the surface you want to clean. You can add 1/2 teaspoon of pine oil to the mixture to create a fragrance


Step 2: Wear sanitary gloves, use a clean towel, blot the solution and wipe it on the surface to be cleaned. Leave it for 7-10 minutes to take effect.


Step 3: Scrub the stain thoroughly, then wipe again with water and dry the surfaces with a dry towel.

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Use old oxygen and betel lime

A simple way to see off stubborn stains is a mixture of lime and hydrogen peroxide. Source: Google image


Long-time bathrooms often have stains attached to the white ron line, which cause loss of aesthetics and easily cause an unpleasant odor. Even cleaning chemicals are hard to control these stains. One of the cleaning tips bathroom to see off this stubborn stain is a mixture of lime and hydrogen peroxide.


How to use:


Step 1: Mix the hydrogen peroxide and lime to a paste. Use a scrub to scrub the stain off the tile line.


Step 2: Scrub the stain. Then rinse it with clean water, this method is also used to clean floor tiles and walls.


Use ash

Ashes help your stained walls return to their clean, shiny look. Source: Google image


If you do not have vinegar and baking soda, it is still possible to clean floors and walls with kitchen ash. This is how to help your stained walls return to their clean, shiny look.


How to use:


Use charcoal ash mixed with a little water, sweep this mixture up the dirt. Then use a scrub to gently scrub the area. After the first rub, leave for 5 minutes and then rub again with more force, the stain will disappear.

Use wheat flour and rice flour

Mixture of wheat flour or rice flour can help clean the tile floor. Source: Google image


Mixture of wheat flour or rice flour can help clean the tile floor, dull granite.


How to use:


Step 1: Rinse the surface with water until dry.


Step 2: Use a cloth to wrap rice flour or wheat flour inside, mixed it with cooking oil.


Step 3: Use this mixture to scrub the tiles or stone until they are clean.


Use potatoes

You can use crushed potatoes to get rid of this residue. Source: Google image


For granite, you can use a small amount of crushed potatoes and then put it in a soft towel, then rub it on the lines of bricks, potatoes is an effective cleaner to get rid of this residue.

2. How to clean the bathroom floor with industrial detergent


Industrial detergents or bleach are quick and highly effective cleaning solutions. Source: Google image


Industrial detergents or bleach are quick, time-saving and highly effective cleaning solutions. You can use hygiene products containing bleach such as Vim, Sumo, Zonrox, Duck Mr Muscle … or biological cleansing preparations to be safe for children and adults.


How to use:


Step 1: Before using bleach, you should wear a mask and glasses to avoid chemicals splashed into the eyes. You can spray the cleaning solution directly on stains or you can dilute it with water.


Step 2: Spray the detergent on the stained surface, leave for 1-2 minutes. Then use a clean brush to wipe off the stains


Step 3: After scrubbing the stains off, rinse the floor with clean water and wait until it dries.

3. Tips to keep the bathroom always clean

Clean the bathroom often to keep it fresh. Source: Google image


If you can’t spend a lot of time cleaning, why not try these tips to keep the bathroom clean every day? Not only does it save washing time, your bathroom also looks dry, free from moisture and smell.


Run a fan to keep the bathroom dry.

Clean shower and tub after each use

Keep bathroom equipment neat

Clean the sticking toothpaste

Put deodorant wax or bathroom deodorant oils like cinnamon and lemongrass in your bathroom.

Make the habit of going to the bathroom in the correct posture, not defecating around walls and bathrooms.


Above is how to clean the bathroom as well as how to quickly clean the floor. Hope you will always have fresh and clean bathroom everyday with these tips.


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