Commercial cleaners in Richmond

Are you looking for reliable commercial cleaners in Richmond? Are you confused when there are too many cleaning companies on the market, but you don’t know which is the chosen one? Don’t worry, because Odyssey cleaning management will help you to solve all these concerns.

Who we are

Odyssey cleaning management is a commercial cleaning services Richmond including a team of experienced staff who are always willing to serve clients all their best.

Stemming from the understanding of the core value of people in this developing society, we always consider creating a clean and fresh working environment to ensure everyone is healthy enough to devote themselves to work.

What makes us different from other commercial cleaners in Richmond

Odyssey fully believes we definitely should be your first and only choice thanks to the following outstanding factors:

  • We require NO surcharges 
  • We respond to clients quickly, concisely and accurately
  • All staffs are strictly checked personal record before joining Odyssey
  • Staffs are friendly, professional and dedicated
  • We provide service insurance to customers

Odyssey’s core values

The service that we provide to our customers is not just a simple, superficial daily cleaning job. It involves respect, accountability, and integrity. Based on such values belonging to commercial cleaning companies in Richmond, we can create a long-term and strong partnership with all customers.

Our commitment to customers

We always ensure to bring as professional and perfect service as possible to every customer, making them trust and always think of Odyssey when they need commercial cleaners Richmond.

Our approach

At Odyssey cleaning management, we not only guarantee every area, every corner to be perfectly clean, but we also have an efficient operating model that provides structured cleaning methods, skillful processes to minimize risks and ensure overall quality in any circumstance.

Our services

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Washroom Supplies cleaning
  • End of Lease Cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Strata cleaning
  • School cleaning
  • University cleaning
  • Child care cleaning
  • Medical centre cleaning
  • Aged care cleaning
  • Gym cleaning
  • Showroom cleaning

Cleaning facilities we use 

We only use safe and eco friendly cleaning solutions: In order to ensure public health, Odyssey says no to harmful cleaning agents.

We use specialized and high-grade clothes: For areas, niches that are difficult to clean such as window sills, light boards … We use specialized microfiber cloths to remove up to 99% dirt and bacteria.

We use modern cleaning equipment: Modern, up-to-date industrial cleaning equipment and machines are always used to ensure every area is 100% clean.

How to use our service?

  • Fill in the registration form, Odyssey staff will contact you immediately
  • Odyssey build quotes and commercial cleaning Richmond plans based on your requirements
  • Wait and be satisfied with Odyssey’s service

Our clients


What our clients say 

Rachel from Biss media

“Affordable, professional and thorough every clean for our office. Very happy with the service.”

Amy from Skin Phoria

“Incredible thorough”

Cinzia from Studio Mass

“Great communication. I was really surprised by what Odyssey provides. I will definitely call them back.”


How much does it cost for the office cleaning service?

Odyssey serves its customers on the principle of ensuring to provide professional cleaning services at the most reasonable price. After you fill out the registration form, our staff will send you a service quote and we can negotiate the most reasonable fee for you if needed.

What are the items of office cleaning?

Odyssey’s office cleaning services include:

  • Clean and Vacuum the Carpets
  • Clean the Windows
  • Clean the floor
  • Dust Furniture and Walls
  • Empty and Reline the Trash Bins
  • Sanitize Communal Areas
  • Clean the Bathroom and Replace the Supplies (If Required)

How long does the cleaning time last?

Cleaning time depends on the area of ​​the cleaning space. Therefore, Odyssey cannot give you an exact number.

Does Odyssey have any satisfaction guarantee on the service?

Yes, of course. If you are not satisfied with our service, we can get back to you for free.


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