Commercial Cleaners Melbourne

Commercial Cleaners Melbourne

Top quality commercial cleaning service in Melbourne available right now!

Tired of dust and dirt building up in your work space? Employees not cleaning up after themselves in the kitchen? Are the carpets are stained, the floors sticky?

Odyssey Cleaning has been providing superior commercial cleaning services for Melbourne for decades.

Office and commercial areas can rapidly accumulate dirt, dust and germs due to the high volume of foot traffic. Employees will be concentrating on their work tasks and may not pay much attention to the mess around them. Yet, their work performance and morale will be affected by their unhygienic surroundings.

You need professional commercial cleaning services in Melbourne to maintain a high-quality work environment. The best commercial cleaners in Melbourne will adjust to your schedule to clean and maintain your work premises so they are spick and span for all your employees, visitors and business partners. At Odyssey Cleaning, your cleaning requirements are our highest priority.

We have developed outstanding cleaning procedures that prevent cross-contamination of COVID-19, bacteria and other germs. Our tested and tagged industrial cleaning equipment is regularly serviced and all our cleaning products are checked with the Department of Health guidelines as being non-allergenic and eco-friendly.

Our team members are some of the best commercial cleaners in Melbourne. They’re fully vetted for a professional and courteous attitude and are highly skilled and experienced.

Odyssey Cleaning is one of Melbourne’s leading commercial cleaning services. Give us a call today on 0451 042 234.

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What you get with Odyssey Cleaning’s Melbourne commercial cleaning services

Odyssey Cleaning provides commercial cleaning services for a wide range of commercial premises in Melbourne. We clean office suites, shopping malls, warehouses, manufacturing centres, factories, restaurants, car parks, healthcare facilities and many, many more.

As one of the best commercial cleaners in Melbourne, we take care of a wide range of tasks according to your needs:

  • Floor to Ceiling Dusting – including furniture, work desks, computers and telephones, removing dust, dirt and pathogens
  • Floors and Carpets – vacuumed, mopped and steam cleaned as required
  • Deep Cleaning, including steam cleaning – rugs, upholstery and chairs, removing grime and improving longevity
  • Disinfecting – sanitise door handles and other hard surfaces using effective, non-allergenic, eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Window Cleaning – from difficult-to-access multi-storey buildings with windows to ground floor glass doors
  • Kitchens and Bathrooms – kept tidy and sparkling
  • Lighting – light bulbs replaced
  • Rubbish – remove, clean and reline bins
  • Office supply replenishment – never run out of toilet rolls!

After your initial contact with us, we will visit your site to work out a cleaning plan with you. We do not clean what you don’t ask us to, we clean your premises within your desired timeframe and there are no hidden costs.

Commercial Cleaning Services Melbourne

Why choose Odyssey Cleaning

Tailored cleaning plan

We will devise a customised plan that will include only the cleaning tasks you need.

Flexible schedules

We can come daily, at night, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even just once.

Professional and friendly cleaners

Our cleaners have been thoroughly checked, fully trained and are chosen for their positive and professional attitude.

Hygienic cleaning processes

We have developed cleaning processes that avoid cross-contamination.

Fully insured

Our cleaners are all insured and our public liability insurance is always up to date.

Odyssey Cleaning, Melbourne’s preferred choice of great commercial cleaners

At Odyssey Cleaning, we offer so much more than a simple vacuum, mop and dust. Our passion is to deliver the highest standard of commercial cleaning services for Melbourne CBD businesses.

We ensure that all touchpoints are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with our non-allergenic, eco-friendly and effective cleaning products. We assess these regularly according to the Department of Health guidelines.

All our cleaners are vetted for their professionalism and courteous manner. We make sure our cleaners are constantly up to date with the most current safety and cleaning practices, including training in COVID-19 anti-contamination procedures. We are serious about infection control; our cleaners dispose of all PPE and other contaminated materials appropriately and protect your commercial space through our stringent cleaning procedures.

We have a competitive edge over many other cleaning businesses due to our dedication to building long-term relationships with all our clients. At Odyssey Cleaning, your commercial cleaning requirements are our highest priority.

Commercial Cleaners Melbourne

One of Melbourne’s best commercial cleaning services is here to help you. Call Odyssey Cleaning today on 0451 042 234.
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Immediate and friendly response

We understand that people who ring wanting commercial cleaners in Melbourne are looking for a prompt reply. Our years of experience in cleaning buildings with multiple dwellers means we will respond to your request as soon as we can.

Our specialised knowledge of commercial cleaning services in Melbourne s ensures our staff will collect all the information necessary with regard to size, rooms and so on.

Tell us of your requirements, the size of your building and the day or night and hours you would like it cleaned and we will be able to give you a quote as soon as possible.

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