Odyssey commercial cleaning Dandenong

Cleaning can become a mess if you can’t find a quality industrial cleaning company. But with Odyssey commercial cleaning Dandenong, you won’t waste the least bit of concern, because we have never let any customer down.

Who is Odyssey commercial cleaning Dandenong?

Odyssey is a professional and reputable industrial cleaning company in Australia, we operate on the motto of always trying to give customers the best service through real actions, not the sweet Marketing you still hear every day.

Why is Odyssey an option you cannot ignore?

If you are not someone who likes listening to sweet promises, eye-catching marketing words but only care about the quality of work, then Odyssey will probably be an indispensable partner if you want to have a clean and healthy space to work, to study and to play.

Odyssey cleaning management represents for a professional and reliable working method

With Odyssey, each customer stands for a unique personality and needs, therefore, we always strive to create a quality cleaning service that is suitable for each customer, not applying a common process to everyone.

The value that we work hard to nurture 

The core values ​​we build are based on respect, customer interests, accountability, and integrity. These are also the key factors that help Odyssey maintain a close relationship and be trusted by all customers.

What do you get when using our service?

  • We offer no hidden charges
  • We provide fast responses to all customer requests
  • We require background verification/police checks before hiring staff
  • Our commercial cleaners Dandenong are experienced, friendly and approachable
  • We process current public liability insurance

All services we have

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Washroom Supplies cleaning
  • End of Lease Cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Strata cleaning
  • School cleaning
  • University cleaning
  • Child care cleaning
  • Medical center cleaning
  • Aged care cleaning
  • Gym cleaning
  • Showroom cleaning

Modern equipment we use for our cleaning process

  • High-quality fiber cloths to remove and prevent 99% of bacteria
  • Environment-friendly detergent
  • The latest, modern cleaning machines to ensure every untouchable area, corner is 100% cleaned

Follow these step to experience our service

  • Fill in the registration form, our staff will contact you as soon as possible
  • An estimated cleaning plan and cost will be sent to you based on your service requests
  • Wait and be satisfied with our service

Brands that have experienced Odyssey commercial cleaning services Dandenong

Feedback from customers

Jane – HR manager

“Odyssey does not advertise as much as other industrial hygiene units, but their service is worth to try.”

Robert – Sale

“I used to hire Odyssey to clean my newly opened showroom. You guys did a great job, every corner of my showroom was cleaned. I will definitely use your service again. ”

Nicole – Accountant

“I was very fond of Odyssey’s service quality and working attitude.”


How much does it cost to hire Odyssey?

Odyssey’s cleaning service price depends on the acreage space you want to clean. However, we can ensure that we have a very competitively priced. Please contact us directly via the hotline for more advice.

Is Odyssey available in any area other than Dandenong?

We primarily serve the Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas, including Southbank, Docklands, South Wharf and Albert Park.

Does Odyssey have service insurance?

Yes. We offer full public liability insurance.


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