Commercial cleaning Epping

Are you tired of assigning staff to tidy up the office but it’s still not as clean as expected? Are you looking for a commercial cleaning Epping that can fulfill all your cleaning requirements? Call Odyssey cleaning management right away, we can satisfy you beyond your expectations

Get to know Odyssey Commercial Cleaning Epping

We are a commercial cleaning Epping based in Australia. Our service is not only in Melbourne, but also spreads across all big and small cities in Australia. With extensive experience, we are always one of the industrial cleaning units trusted and selected by customers.

Why choose us as a trustworthy cleaning Epping?

  • We provide premium service at a reasonable price
  • Odyssey’s working time is very flexible and does not affect your work
  • Our employees are identified and trained well before joining Odyssey
  • Odyssey’s services so far have made 100% of customers satisfied

The core values ​​that we bring

  • We always put the interests of customers as our priority
  • Odyssey always respect and be fair to all employees 
  • We do not see this as a trivial cleaning job. It also includes respect, accountability, and integrity – values ​​that create a strong relationship between us and customers.

Odyssey’s commitment to customers

  • We make sure to give every customer the perfect service and make them most satisfied.
  • Always listen to and understand customers’ questions and concerns.
  • We try to create a friendly and caring working environment, so that employees can devote themselves to the company.

Our approach

Odyssey not only ensures to provide customers with the most satisfying service, but we also create a modern network and workflow, contributing to our service’s quality and efficiency.

Services that Odyssey currently provides

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Washroom Supplies cleaning
  • End of Lease Cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Strata cleaning
  • School cleaning
  • University cleaning
  • Child care cleaning
  • Medical center cleaning
  • Aged care cleaning
  • Gym cleaning
  • Showroom cleaning

What’s our feature?

  • We require no hidden charge 
  • We do very quick responses to all customer’s requests.
  • Every staff in Odyssey has verification/police checked before officially works for Odyssey
  • Our cleaners are experienced, friendly and approachable.
  • We provide public liability insurance.

What equipment do we use for cleaning?

Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions: Odyssey commercial cleaning Epping says no to harmful cleaners

Specialized cleaning cloths: We use specialized cleaning cloths to clean up to 99% of bacteria in hard-to-reach corners.

Modern cleaning equipment: Odyssey always selects top modern cleaning machines to ensure every area is completely clean.

Odyssey service process

  • Fill out the registration form and wait for Odyssey staff to contact you
  • Get a cleanup plan developed by Odyssey based on your requirements
  • Wait and be satisfied with the results

Loved by many famous brands

Our customer’s feedbacks

Jane from Epping

“Your service is very professional, I will definitely hire you next time”

Josh from Fourdozen

“I am very pleased, I will definitely hire Odyssey next time.”

Jack – business manager

“Accidentally introduced by my friends, I know Odyssey, you guys are very professional and efficient. I am completely satisfied. “


Does Odyssey have weekly, monthly and daily cleaning service?

Yes. Our work schedule is very flexible based on customer requirements.

Is Odyssey’s cleaning service expensive?

We can be completely sure that our service price is affordable enough to please you, you just need to fill in the registration form, our staff will contact you immediately for a quote based on your request.

How long does the cleaning time take?

The cleaning time depends on the area of ​​the space you want to clean, therefore, Odyssey cannot provide exact cleaning time. Please contact us for more information.

Does Odyssey have a quality and performance assurance policy?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with our service quality, Odyssey is ready to re-clean up without any fee.


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