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commercial cleaning melbourne cbd

One of the best commercial cleaning services in Melbourne’s CBD

Odyssey Cleaning is one of Melbourne’s CBD’s most comprehensive and leading providers of commercial cleaning services.

We clean office suites, shopping malls, warehouses, manufacturing centres, factories, restaurants, car parks and many, many more.

At Odyssey Cleaning, your needs are our highest priority. Our commercial cleaning services for Melbourne’s CBD make sure that your building or workspace is cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom.

We always aim to provide a smooth, simple and seamless experience for you. We can provide everything from a full industrial building cleaning to basic janitorial services.

Our cleaners are effective, efficient and work specifically to your requirements. They have accumulated years of expertise and hands-on experience, delivering the highest quality services for nearly every type of business you can think of.

We clean floors and carpets, windows and walls, workspaces, kitchens and bathrooms. We don’t neglect the small, everyday items such as door handles and knobs, light switches, desks, keyboards, chairs and armrests. Everything we clean will be free of germs, dirt and bugs by the time we have finished.

After your initial contact, we will inspect your commercial premises and listen to your cleaning requirements. We will draw up a schedule that fits in with your desired timetable. We will also monitor our performance regularly with you.

Commercial spaces are not cleaned or maintained effectively with traditional cleaning methods such as simply vacuuming and mopping. Commercial cleaning in Melbourne’s CBD demands sophisticated cleaning equipment, techniques and cleaning products in order to meet your expectations of clean and hygienic commercial premises. That is why you should employ the professional services of a professional cleaning business such as Odyssey Cleaning for all your commercial cleaning needs in Melbourne’s CBD.

For affordable, reliable and professional commercial cleaning services in Melbourne’s CBD, give Odyssey Cleaning a call today on 0451 042 234.

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Why is professional commercial cleaning necessary?

Commercial cleaning is a specialised task that requires professional attention to get the best results. Due to the amount of people in offices, factories and so on, commercial cleaning in Melbourne’s CBD needs more thorough cleaning processes than a domestic clean.

Odyssey Cleaning offers a range of commercial cleaning services in Melbourne’s CBD. For instance, we can clean:

  • Offices: our office cleaning services make your workspace look as professional as possible while remaining safe and healthy for your workers.
  • Restaurants: your restaurant will be as hygienic as possible with our restaurant cleaning services.
  • Renovations: We can clean your new commercial space from the dirt and debris left behind after building works.
  • Events: have your event looking as impressive and clean as possible and impress your guests with our professional commercial cleaning for events.
  • Carpets: we can ensure your carpets look as good as new, extend their longevity, lift unsightly stains and ensure that they’re free of bacteria, dirt and debris.
  • Car Parks: we can turn unkempt or dirty car parks into ones that look as sophisticated as possible.
  • Pressure cleaning services: clean up driveways, patios and other surfaces, eliminate mould, bacteria and any other debris that’s building up on surfaces with our effective and efficient pressure cleaning.
Commercial Cleaning Services Melbourne CBD

Why choose Odyssey Cleaning

Tailored cleaning plan

We will devise a customised plan that will include only the cleaning tasks you need.

Flexible schedules

We can come daily, at night, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even just once.

Professional and friendly cleaners

Our cleaners have been thoroughly checked, fully trained and are chosen for their positive and professional attitude.

Hygienic cleaning processes

We have developed cleaning processes that avoid cross-contamination.

Fully insured

Our cleaners are all insured and our public liability insurance is always up to date.

Choose Odyssey Cleaning for commercial cleaning in Melbourne’s CBD

At Odyssey cleaning, we offer so much more than a simple vacuum, mop and dust. Our passion is to deliver the highest standard of commercial cleaning services for Melbourne CBD businesses.

We ensure that all touch points are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with our non-allergenic, eco-friendly and effective cleaning products. We assess these regularly according to the Department of Health guidelines.

All our cleaners are vetted for their professionalism and courteous manner. We make sure our cleaners are constantly up to date with the most current safety and cleaning practices, including training in COVID-19 anti-contamination procedures. We are serious about infection control; our cleaners dispose of all PPE and other contaminated materials appropriately and protect your commercial space through our stringent cleaning procedures.

We have a competitive edge over many other cleaning businesses due to our dedication to building long-term relationships with all our clients. At Odyssey Cleaning, your commercial cleaning requirements are our highest priority.

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne CBD

For effective and efficient commercial cleaning services in Melbourne’s CBD, call Odyssey Cleaning today on 0451 042 234.
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Immediate and friendly response

We understand that people who ring wanting commercial cleaning services in Melbourne’s CBD are looking for a prompt reply. Our years of experience in cleaning buildings with multiple dwellers means we will respond to your request as soon as we can.

Our specialised knowledge of commercial cleaning ensures our staff will collect all the information necessary with regard to size, rooms and so on.

Tell us of your requirements, the size of your building and the day or night and hours you would like it cleaned and we will be able to give you a quote as soon as possible.

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