Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services in Melbourne for Offices, Warehouses & More

A spotlessly clean office is essential to a business as it makes a good impression on your employees and clients. That is why you need to keep your workplace always clean and orderly.

One or two people cannot clean the whole office by themselves. Instead, you need a reliable commercial cleaning service to do the job for you, and if you live in Melbourne, don’t miss out on Odyssey cleaning.

Before discovering the reasons why, read on for commercial cleaning meaning first.

Commercial Cleaning

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning refers to the act of keeping a workplace clean. Don’t mix it up with domestic cleaning, as it involves cleaning a private property, for example, a specific house.

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Why people have to divide cleaning into two categories above? Aren’t they just the same thing – cleaning dust and dirt?

The key difference between two types is the amount of space that needs cleaning. Of course, cleaning a four-bedroom house differs enormously from cleaning a four-story building. Therefore, commercial cleaning involves heavier methods and larger equipment that you will not use while cleaning your home. For example, commercial carpet cleaning services employ huge vacuum cleaners and floor buffers to achieve a hygienic environment in hotels, restaurants, offices, etc.

As businesses grow, there are more and more commercial cleaning companies stepping in the industry. Make sure you choose a reliable service to experience all the following benefits:

Saves time: getting a professional cleaning crew apparently saves a lot of time and hassles out of cleaning compared to hiring amateurs.

Creates a healthy workplace: frequent cleaning builds a healthy working environment so that employees and clients stay healthy.

Motivates employees: cleanliness is known to uplift our mood, lengthen the concentration span, and motivate creativity. 

Makes an impression on clients: the workplace partly reflects the quality of your services, and a clean office will leave a positive impression on your clients.

Reasons Why You Should Opt For Odyssey Cleaning

Odyssey Cleaning Management proudly offers professional commercial cleaning services in the Melbourne CBD and beyond. We provide a full range of services, from office cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and many more. Our goal is to maintain the optimal hygiene and keep the facilities in your office spotless.

There are a lot of compelling reasons why you should choose Odyssey cleaning as follow.

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Instant Response

We know your time is precious. That is why at Odyssey cleaning, our staff members don’t make you wait a long time to get the response. Every time you send an inquiry or want to arrange an appointment, you will be replied immediately. That way, you know where you stand with us right from the get go.

Friendly Staff

Our cleaners are well-trained based on professional standards, so rest assured about their performance. They will do the job efficiently regardless of the size and state of your workplace. In the end, Odyssey cleaning guarantees outstanding results that you deserve. Performance aside, we always make sure the staff is friendly to clients. Contact Odyssey cleaning and you will have a happy experience.

So if you have any questions or concerns, just call us right away and our staff will reach out to you in a blink. We take pride in our friendly staff and excellent customer service.

Quality Equipment

At Odyssey, we use quality commercial cleaning equipment to give your office the best cleaning experience possible. 

At the same time, we also ensure safety for you and your workers by using eco-friendly cleaning products. Some cheap cleaning companies may employ strong chemical products for cleaning, but the case is different at Odyssey cleaning. Here we use effective yet low odour and natural detergents only. No worries about harsh fumes or toxic chemicals! 

Optimal Hygiene

We strive to maintain optimal hygiene for premises that are being used by multiple employees and clients on a daily basis. With the experienced industrial cleaners and quality equipment, we make sure that you and your workers are able to live in a hygienic and healthy environment.

Full Insurance

We take the security and confidentiality of our clients seriously; therefore, our office cleaners are fully insured and have undergone strict police tests and background checks. We hire industrial cleaners in Melbourne who are friendly, approachable, and experienced in providing a full range of commercial cleaning services.

Continual Monitoring Of Cleaning Process

Our industrial cleaners will not suddenly become lazy since we keep monitoring their performance. At the end of the cleaning process, we will check the office to ensure optimal results that we promise to deliver in the beginning.

What Exactly Will Odyssey Cleaning Do?

Keep the floor clean

A brand-new floor changes the overall atmosphere of your working environment, but it is impossible to replace the flooring every once in a while, right? And if you think standard cleaning routines are enough, you are hopelessly wrong. Without professional maintenance, your floors will not last although there are janitors responsible for cleaning them every day.

That is why you need Odyssey cleaning. Our staff members will clean and restore your floor to its original conditions. Using top-quality flooring products, we ensure that the floor is not only clean but long-lasting against damage caused by external factors.

Empty and reline the trash bins

Trash bins need to be emptied often; otherwise, they will give off a foul smell after a while, which will put off anyone stepping into the office. At the same time, a dirty bin will attract maggots, flies, and even rodents! Your building is likely to fail the safety standards then.

Not many people are into emptying and relining the trash bins, but it is not the case at Odyssey cleaning. Our staffs will try their best to keep the trash bins at your office always clean.

Sanitize public areas

It is essential to sanitize public areas, especially places where people often gather.

Our cleaning process does involve cleaning and disinfecting public spaces, and we use only approved hard-surface disinfectants in Australia.

Dust desks and chairs

To keep the desks and chairs in your office always look like new, you need to dust them regularly. Let Odyssey cleaning cover this task for you. Here our staffs will clean desks and chairs carefully based on the materials so that your furniture can last long.

For example, we use a dry lint-free cloth and wood polish to give your desks and chairs a deep clean. Rest assured that harsh cleaners are avoided at all cost.

Replace your bathroom supplies (if required)

To keep the bathroom hygienic and odour-free, you need to provide essential supplies coming from reputed stores with quality assurance. Some of major brands are Kimberly-Clark, Tork, BIO, Enzyme Wizard, DEB and Calfarme. 

But there is no need to spend time shopping for washroom supplies if you contact Odyssey cleaning. Here we will clean and replace your bathroom supplies if required. The products provided include toilet tissue, hand soap cleanser and shampoos, hand towels, tissues, and dispensers. Of course, all of them come from reliable brands that are listed above.

Clean the carpets

Don’t wait until your carpets look dirty to get down on cleaning them since it is beyond dirty then. Instead, try to clean and maintain the carpets regularly to make them last and improve the overall air quality at your workplace.

We use commercial carpet cleaning machines to take good care of your carpets. The entire process involves vacuuming, removing dust, dirt, spill, and restorative cleaning.

At Odyssey cleaning, you can even ask for a customized carpet care based on your demands. We provide routine cleaning services as well.

Clean the windows

Windows panes make a great touch to buildings and cut down the energy costs during the winter. Therefore, keeping the windows clean is an important task. At the same time, it is time-consuming and dangerous. You will need professional help for such a chore, and Odyssey cleaning services offer the assistance you want.

There are several good reasons why you should choose Savvy cleaning at Odyssey.

For example, we use quality tools and equipment for cleaning up the windows of high-rise buildings, thereby promising a shining and streak-free windows at the end of the process.

On top of that, we are flexible regarding timing and can customize our services to meet your needs. Every client enjoys the same performance, which certainly qualifies the industry standards.

Is our service affordable?

First off, let’s see how much other commercial cleaning companies in Australia are charging if you use their services.

  • Commercial cleaning rates per hour Australia: ranging from $30/hr (in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia) to $37.50/hr (New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory)
  • Commercial cleaning rates per square metre: around $2 to $3/m2 (standard package) and up to $5.50/m2 (deluxe package)
  • Commercial cleaning rates per square foot: ranging from $0.3 to $0.7 per square foot, depending on other factors such as service type, office size

We don’t claim that our services are the cheapest out there in Melbourne, but we ensure a balance between price and performance. In other words, you will get your money’s worth.

For your information, we offer competitive prices starting from only $44, including GST. There are occasional great deals, and you stand a chance to get a deal at the moment!

Contact us now and we will beat your current cleaning service provider by 15%, or get 15% off your quote and you will also get one first week of service free of charge!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for Odyssey Cleaning staff to clean your home?

There is no fixed answer for this question as it depends on the size of the area that needs cleaning and the extent to which you want it to be cleaned. According to a good rule of thumb, it takes four people 60 minutes to clean every 1000 square feet thoroughly. If you want the exact answer, send us the detailed info of your house and we will calculate it for you.

Are background tests on employees conducted here?

Yes, we make sure 100% of our employees have undergone rigorous background tests so no need to worry, you can trust them all. But if you do feel worried (we understand your feelings!), you can always keep an eye on our staff members while they are doing the job.

Do you offer any other cleaning services?

At Odyssey, we offer multiple cleaning services apart from office cleaning and commercial cleaning. In particular, we do window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and washroom supplies. All of services are carefully conducted by experienced staff members to ensure the best results you expect.


Give Odyssey commercial cleaning service a try and you will only regret one thing: why didn’t you know us sooner! A spotless workplace is just one call away. Contact us now!

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