How to have a perfect end of lease cleaning checklist?

Today, many people choose to rent a house to live for a long time. When you move out of your rented house, in addition to paying attention to moving things so they do not damage the house, you also need to ensure the cleanliness of the space you have rented. But, how to guarantee this? Read and apply immediately this end of lease cleaning checklist below.

1. What is the end of lease cleaning checklist?

End of lease cleaning checklist is one of the terms contained in the lease contract. Source: Google image


End of lease cleaning checklist is one of the terms contained in the lease contract, ensuring the tenant must keep the spaces such as: bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room … in the house in a clean state. You have to keep it most tidy before moving out so that the landlord will have no trouble finding new tenants.

2. What items are there in the end of lease cleaning checklist?

End of lease cleaning checklist. Source: Google image

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If you are preparing to leave your rented house and wonder if you have cleaned it perfectly or not, you can refer to this end of lease cleaning checklist as an example:

2.1. Cleaning the bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom. Source: Google image


  • Wash the toilet
  • Clean the shower or bath.
  • Clean the sink.
  • Wash the glass/mirror.

2.2. Tidy up the kitchen

Tidy up the kitchen. Source: Google image


  • Wipe the kitchen table.
  • Wash dishes.
  • Let dry dishes.
  • Clean the dishwasher from the inside out
  • Clean ovens and microwaves.
  • Arrange the cabinets more neatly.

2.3. Clean the bedroom

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Clean the bedroom. Source: Google image


  • Rearrange miscellaneous items.
  • Make the bed.
  • Arrange wardrobe (hang all hangers cloth provided by the landlord).
  • Dust, vacuum or wipe, then spray a pleasant aroma in the room

2.4. Clean the common areas

Vacuum the floor. Source: Google image


– Vacuum the floor

+ Vacuum tip:

  • Should smoke from the top to bottom
  • From less dusty places to much dusty places
  • Should suck evenly to help avoid confusion

– Mopping the floor.

– If you have a pet, you need to prevent fleas.

– Wipe away any dust that is available to the house.

+ Dust cleaning tips:

  • Wipe from top to bottom so that if there is spillage, it will lie on the bottom.
  • Do not wipe dust with floor mats or foot pads
  • Wash again with water several times and change the water when you see it becomes brown or cloudy
  • Combine with appropriate floor cleaner or detergent.
  • Should wipe in the most dusty places first.
  • Do not turn on the fan while cleaning but should turn on the fan after cleaning all areas to limit dust residue in the house

2.5. Complete the cleaning

Clean the outside of the house. Source: Google image


  • Clean the outside of the house.
  • Empty the trash and take out the trash.
  • Clean the wall.
  • Clean the refrigerator.

2.6. Some tools you need for cleaning

Tools you need for cleaning. Source: Google image


  • Glass cleaner detergent
  • Furniture polishing solution
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Dish washing liquid
  • Paper towels, rags, old newspapers or sponge
  • Rubber gloves
  • Brooms, stiff brushes, etc.

3. Why is end of lease cleaning checklist so important?

End of lease cleaning checklist so important Source: Google image


End of lease cleaning checklist helps ensure tenants return their cleanliness to the space they rent before moving. If the tenant cannot guarantee this, they may not be refunded the previous deposit. So be careful to check if you have finished the end of lease cleaning checklist agreement with the previous owner, if you are not sure you can clean all the items in the house carefully, you can have a professional cleaning service do this.

4. Some notes when cleaning your rented house

Some notes when cleaning your rented house. Source: Google image


– During the process of moving your furniture out of the house, you need to be extremely careful so that furniture does not hit the wall and damage the wall, which can cost you some more money to compensate for destroying the property under contract. Your landlord might not be friendly or sympathetic enough to understand your situation.

–  Always wear a mask when cleaning the rented house to avoid breathing in dust

– Wear gloves when scrubbing furniture to avoid harmful chemicals from damaging your hands

5. Conclusion

You can hire a professional cleaning service to help you, Source: Google image


Cleaning your own house is inherently tiring, but cleaning the rented house is a lot of trouble and requires you to be more careful. An end of lease cleaning checklist will help you know what you have to clean, how to clean to meet the requirement of your landlord. If you are not confident with your cleaning ability, pick up the phone and call a professional cleaning service that you trust to help you.


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