7 tips to “meet the need” of end of lease cleaning tips

Cleaning a house is a common and stressful job in many cities, especially if you have to rent a house and make sure the house is as clean as it was when you first moved in. With the 7 end of lease cleaning tips below, you will no longer be afraid of not meeting the requirements of the landlord anymore.


Having a stable place to live is the desire of many people. But in big cities, most of the people who live in rented houses and have to change their houses because of studying or for a living, they have to take care of many things which are nameless, always make them busy and quite hard with cleaning, sorting, packing, sorting, shipping…


Therefore, many people choose to rent a package transfer service to make it faster and more convenient. But you can still tidy up your house yourself with the 7 smartest home cleaning methods shared in this article.

1. Make a detail schedule for the cleaning tasks

Detail schedule for the cleaning tasks. Source: Google image


Make a detail plan is the first step to describe the name and content of the work to be completed at some point. This plan is not only for business units, but also for each of us.


The plan to tidy up and clean the house needs to be planned during the week, or month. For example, if you have free time at work, you should leave this time to clean your house.


Specifically, you can change bed drape on Friday, Saturday for cleaning the whole house, cleaning the kitchen on Sundays, etc. Breaking up the cleaning time will make you feel less stressed.

2. Do not store old items

Do not store old items in house. Source: Google image


Habits of Vietnamese people, especially women, often do not want to throw away items that are unusable.


When all old items have been replaced with new items, the old items will be stored away. And these items can be years gone by, not even used and forgotten.


Therefore, one of the smartest ways to clean the house is to definitely get rid of these old items which you don’t use anymore.


You can also give them to relatives, friends, neighbors … Especially those who are in need but not able to shop. They will be happy for this gift.

3. Regularly clean the closet

You should also refresh clothes. Source: Google image


The closet is hidden behind the door but if you open it, you will definitely see a mess. Especially men and people who are always busy.


Therefore, in the plan table, you should spend 2 or 3 times a week cleaning the closet. This will complete the task quickly and reduce the pressure of how to meet all requirements of end of lease cleaning tips


In addition to organizing things neatly and organized in your closet, you should also refresh them. Because the closet will get more and more each year, you will always buy new items whenever a party or New Year comes, therefore, you’d better throw away old clothes that are no longer used.

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4. Start cleaning from easiest spaces is one of the end of lease cleaning tips

Cleaning from easiest spaces. Source: Google image


For more motivation and energy to move, you need to start with the simplest and fastest task as soon as possible. It could be cleaning the staircase, a storage room, a baby’s toy cupboard …


Guaranteed will the size of the working spirit is not stopped. And you should only start when your body feels its best.

5. Clean the kitchen often, this space is the most difficult space to 

The family meals are also hygienic and clean if you keep the kitchen fresh. Source: Google image


The kitchen is the most important part of the house. It is the place to create delicious and cozy meals. Whether or not every family member gets together is up to this section.


Therefore, after each cooking time, you should look for about 5 minutes to clean the kitchen space to make it all decent. The family meals are also hygienic and clean if you keep the kitchen fresh all the time. Moreover, when you do the cleaning on weekends, there is less feeling of boredom.

6. Keep the bathroom clean and tidy

Bathrooms and toilets are among the environments with the highest degree of contamination. And they all have an impact on the overall beauty of the whole house. Every day, you only need to spend 5 minutes before bathing or after washing clothes to scrub the bathroom and the toilet.


Toiletries such as towels, brushes, doormat, soap, toothpaste … All need to be arranged and dusted with just a few minutes each day.


The more your bathroom is fresh, the more comfortable and healthy you will be every time you use it.

7. Remain the position of objects in the house

Shoe racks for slippers and sandals should be right in front of the house. Source: Google image


Trying to maintain the original position of all household items will help you minimize the time and work each time you clean the house. This factor also helps us reduce the time when we need to find and use furniture.


For example, shoe racks for slippers and sandals should be put together and right in front of the house. On it, you should design helmet racks hanging shelves to create more convenient space.


Or you can design a bathroom shelf to store all relevant items. This is not only a simple arrangement, but it will also be easy for you to manage furniture in the house.


Above are 7 smartest end of lease cleaning tips that have been applied by housewives and found effective. Take some time to organize and plan to meet the needs of your landlord and make sure the living space is clean without affecting your outside work.


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