10+‌ ‌natural‌ ‌ways‌ ‌to‌ ‌get‌ ‌rid‌ ‌of‌ ‌ants

There are many ways to get rid of ants, but which ones work and which ones don’t? We suggest some home remedies that you’d need right now to ensure there are no ants in your house. Below are 10+ natural ways to get rid of ants.

Chalk or Baby Powder

Chalk is the one of the home remedies to get rid of ants. So chalk contains calcium carbonate which helps in keeping ants away. You can draw a line of chalk at the entrance or spray some powdered chalk in the areas that are the entry points of ants. In order to keep ants, you draw chalk lines. While it not clear as to why this line block the ants from coming inside. Some people think it’s because ants don’t like the calcium carbonate in the chalk, but but it is surely effective. You should refresh your chalk line periodically, so it continues to work. Remember to make sure children do not get near the chalk lines.

Use chalk to get ants out of your home – Cre: tips-and-tricks.co


Oranges will keep the ants away from visiting your house. You make a paste of one cup warm water and a few orange peel, which will help in getting rid of ants. Then, spread this paste around entry points of ants and wipe it afterwards. Another way, you also place oranges peels on the kitchen slab or wherever you think these ants may enter from. This way as natural deterrent for ants that may not only keep them but also keep them away.

So, you use the orange rinds to some use and ensure no ants visit your house anymore.

Orange peel will help ants stay away from your home – Cre: vitacost.com


Lemons are same oranges, lemon juice also to destroy the scent trails that ants follow. Try squeeze a lemon or place lemon peels in places from where the ants enter or spray around entryway, any areas where you see ants. Ants also don’t like the smell of lemon juice, so they will keep away. You can wash your floors with water that has a little lemon juice added to it.

Ants don’t like sour but very like sugar. So, you do not keep anything sweet that may attract the ants in some way or the other.

Lemon peel has the same effect as orange peel – Cre: startsat60.com

Citrus Peels and Cucumber

Citrus and cucumber are toxic to the types of fungi that ants feed on, so ants do their to avoid them. If ants appear in your kitchen or bathroom, you use cucumber or citrus-scented cleaners. For the best results, you could look for products that are scented with actual cucumber or citrus oils.

Cucumbers will easily be found in your kitchen – Cre: pinterest.com


Spreading salt near corners from where ants enter the house and near nooks will help keeping ants away. This is the best and cheapest ways to get rid of ants naturally. Use ordinary table salt and all you need to do is to boil water and add a large amount of salt to it, stirring it until dissolves. Then pour into a spray bottle and spray where you think ants tend to enter from.

This way will not cost you – Cre: antscontroltips.com


Ants seem to find the smell of pepper irritating, you can try red or black pepper as an ant deterrent. This is  the natural and safe way. You can sprink pepper around baseboards and behind appliances may help keep ants at bay. You can mix some pepper with water and pray the resulting solution at the ants.

You can use black or red pepper – Cre:lvpest.com

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White Vinegar

Ants hate the smell of white vinegar. To mix, prepare solution of equal amounts of water and white vinegar. Then, add a few droplets of essential oil to it and shake well. Next, store thí solution and sprinkle it at the points from where the ants enter. Finally, repeat this once daily.

You should spray it around your doorways, windowsills and other places where you usually see ants coming. Besides to repelling ants, white vinegar is a great all-purpose cleaner.

White vinegar helps stop ants and cleans your home – Cre: almanac.com


This is a good way to keep your house smelling fresh and earthy. By putting cinnamon and cloves on the entrance of the house or the areas from where you think the ants can center. Cinnamon is a natural repellent, so ants can’t stand strong smell. You can add some essential oil to the cinnamon powder for more effective results.

You can pray cinnamon essential oil all around the doors, floors, windowsills to keep ants from coming in. Because of compounds in cinnamon leaf essential oil, including trans-cinnamaldehyde, have been found effective at killing and repelling ants.

heap of ground cinnamon isolated on white background, top view

Cinnamon is not only used as a spice, but also against ants – Cre: jcehrclich.com

Coffee Grounds

If you a coffee drinker, get in the habit of sprinkling your used coffee grounds in the garden, around the outside of your house or near areas that attract ants. Because coffee grounds are full of minerals, as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, they also happen to be great for the soil your garden.

Use the coffee grounds to repel ants from your home Cre: popsci.com


Peppermint can help you get rid of ants. This is a natural insect repellent. Ants hate the smell of pêprmint and are likely to avoid areas that contain traces of it. Since peppermint has a strong fragrant that can’t be tolerated by the ants, which keep them away from entering the home. You can plant mint around your home or use the essential oil of peppermint as natural remedy for control of ants.

To mix, prepare of 10  to 20 drops of peppermint essential oil with 2 cups of water and sprinkle it whatever you find ants. You could repeat this twice a day. You can even sprinkle dried peppermint instead of the liquid mixture. You can also place a peppermint oil cotton ball in areas such as cabinets, table where the ants frequent.

Peppermint has long been known to be an effective insect repellent – Cre: bayleefood.com

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil help you repelling and killing ants. To mix, you need 5 to 10 drops of tea tree oil with 2 cups of water and use as a spray. You can also saturate cotton balls and place them around your home.

If you feel the scent is too strong, try making a mixture that combines tea tree oil with peppermint oil and water.

You can try tea tree oil against ants – Cre: pinterest.com

Keep the outdoors out

Keep your yard clean will help you to get rid of ants. You can cut off any vines or vegetation that touches or cleans onto the exterior walls of your house and windows. Since these can make it easier for ants to enter your home.

Cut off their food source

Cut off their food source before it start is the best way to get rid of ants. Keeping food tightly sealed in containers or plastic bags. Remember that ants are attracted to sweet and starchy things like honey, sugar and cornmeal.

Besides you also need to pay attention when cleaning up crumbs from your home. Pet food can also attract ants.

Cut off their food sources is a great way to keep ants from visiting your home – Cre: sebastianbooksblog.wordpress.com

We have suggested ways to get rid of ant. Try applying and say goodbye to ants.


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