7 most effective methods to rid your house flies

There are many effective and safe ways to get rid of flies in your house. You can construct traps to attract or use repellents to deter them. Here are some ways that you can do to rid your domicile of these annoying home invaders.

What is a house fly?

The house fly is the most common fly found in and around home. House flies are not only nuisance pests while buzzing around homes, but also they are potential disease carriers. They have short lifespans, but they can quickly reproduce with large numbers, leading to large house fly populations if not quickly controlled.

Houseflies are found almost everywhere people live. They lay their eggs on animal feces, garbage, and in rotting organic material.

The house fly is easily found in and around home – Cre: 6legs2maney.wordpress.com

Are flies dangerous to us?

Flies are not dangerous to humans directly. However, houseflies can also carry viruses and bacteria. Diseases house flies might carry include: food poisoning, eye infections, cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever,…

In addition to spreading disease, houseflies are simply annoying with their constant flying around and buzzing.

How to get rid of files

There are many ways to get flies out of your home. And here are the suggestions that we have for you.

Eliminate food sources

Dirty dishes in the sink, half-empty pet food bowl or unlidded trash cans and compost bins are all inviting sources of food for flies. To keep your home fly-free, get into the habit of doing a weekly (or bi-weekly) fly check, instead of do just do it once in a while.

Make sure everything is clean and clean – Cre: organizedmom.net

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Use plants to keep flies away (Herb and flowers)

Flowers and herb can be planted both in your garden and outside to keep flies away from your house. It can include basil, lavender, marigold, bay leaves,…

You can use them as foundation plantings around your house, stick them in flower pots positioned by your back and front door or just place it anywhere in the house.

Essential Oils

Flies hate the smell of essential oils, in particular lavender, clove, mint, basil and eucalyptus. You can buy essential oils from any shop but you can also make your own fly repellent spray.

You only need to fill a spray bottle with water to mix. Next, add enough essential oil to fragrance. Then, spray it around your doorways and  in your kitchen to keep the flies out. Of course, you should need to re-spray regularly to maintain the effect. Don’t forget to label your fly repellent and store it out of the reach of children and pets.

Using essential oils is one of the cheapest ways to keep flies out of your home – Cre: wikihow.com

Plastic water bags

This is a clever trick to repel those pesky flies. You can hang a bag full of water outside windows and open doors can deter flies away because of the way a fly sees it. Since a fly bases his movement by light and the refracted light coming through the water in the plastic bag confuses the fly causing him to move on to a place that is easier on the eyes.

A bag of water reflecting light everywhere will confusing the flies and causing them away. You can hang the bag outside any opening such as doors or open windows.

This is a very simple and easy to follow tip – wideopencountry.com

Fresh Orange Peel

Orange peel is also a wonderfully way to get rid of flies. Citrus extracts are actually used in commercial bug repellents. With its fresh fragrance, orange peels can be left around the house or beside doors, on windowsills to help stop flies from entering.

You should use the peel is fresh and replace them once they’ve dried out. Scrubbing the skins is needed to release more of the smell and to last longer.

This way you can eat more oranges – Cre: fightingmosquitoes.com


Camphor is another natural way to get rid of flies and can be bought from any homeopathic store.

It has a very strong smell and flies absolutely hate. Like basil, it also contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties and deterring insects.

You can place them around the house, under the window to spread the aroma.

You can place camphor in a plate or bowl and place near areas where flies are located – Cre: healthtian.com

Make a fly trap

Another method to get rid of flies in your house is to use fly traps. Although this doesn’t stop the flies from entering our home, it will draw them away from kitchen tops and food. Here are different types of traps you can make and use around the house.

          Vinegar fly trap.

          Homemade fly strips.

          Venus flytrap.

          The wine trap.

          The honey trap.

          Homemade fly killer spray.

Preventive measures

It is always easier to prevent a problem rather than try to get rid of flies afterward. To prevent the house flies, you should limit their access by any means necessary:

          Do not leave food, fruit out in the open and accessible for insect. Timely remove the food from the table or cover it with napkins, lids.

          Keep garbage bin clean.

          Keep the kitchen tidy and clean.

          Use adhesive tapes and insect traps to get rid of house flies.

Housefly not only just a nuisance, but also be hazardous to your health. So, the above methods will help you to chase flies from your home.


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