Some natural ways to get rid of weevil in your kitchen

Currently weevil found in many places, especially in the kitchen. They grow quickly and are difficult to control if you do not detect them. If you suspect your kitchen or pantry has been infested, or just want to take preventative measures, continue reading to learn about natural ways to get rid of weevils in your kitchen.

What is a weevil?

A weevil is a small beetle that feeds on foods like grain, flour, rice, nuts, cereal and beans. Unlike other pantry pests weevils lay eggs inside the food. These eggs then hatch and the larvae will eat the remainder of the food until they are fully grown.

Weevils enter the home through outside sources. Some may exist in the dry food you buy at the grocery store, while others can enter your home through holes and cracks in your windows or walls. These bugs primarily find and eat on food, plants outdoors, but once the weather cools down, they start searching for food sources in warmer environments.

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Some ways to get rid of weevils in your kitchen

Set up a pheromone trap

Pheromone trap can kill weevils by luring and trapping them to the sticky of the trap. You should set up the traps where the weevils are like to be found such as kitchen cabinets or the pantry. You don’t forget change them once they’re full.

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Find the source of the weevils in:

          Cereals and grains (oats, rice, quinoa, bran).


          Spices and herbs .

          Dried pasta.

          Dried fruit.

          Chocolate, candy, and nuts.

          Dried peas or beans.

If you’ve noticed weevils, small reddish brown beetles in your flour, they may also be in other in your kitchen. You should also check for weevils near your pet’s food dishes, since this is their great refuge.

Besides discard any food that has weevils. You won’t be able to see the eggs in pantry items, but you will be able to see adult weevils. Throw away the food when you find weevils from your flour and pantry products.

Additional, wipe your pantry shelves with eucalyptus oil or white vinegar. These are things that weevils don’t like. You can wipe a mixture of half water and half eucalyptus oil or use white vinegar. You can also tee tree, neem or pine needle oils to prevent the weevils from getting into your pantry.

The end, place all of your foods in airtight, hard containers. Since weevils can eat through cardboard bags or boxes, you’ll need to store your pantry foods in jars or hard plastic containers.

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Check your groceries

Check your groceries is the most effective form of pest control. Before you store away the grocery, check every box, container and bag for signs of weevils. Pay special attention to oatmeal, rice, cereal and other grain products.

Preventing weevil infestations

Freeze the flour

Freeze the flour by sealing it inside a freezer bag and put it in the freezer for at least 1 week as soon as you bring flour home. This will kill any weevils or eggs that are already in the flour. Then, you can take the flour out and store it in your pantry in an hard container until you need it.

Place a fresh bay leaf in the flour

Place a fresh bay leaf in the flour can prevent weevil infestations. You should get out fresh bay leaves and put one in each bag or container of stored flour. You’ll need to replace the bay leaves every few month or when you can’t smell them.

Place a fresh bay leaf in the flour – Cre: pestwiki.com 

Check your pantry for weevils on a regular basic

This is very important because adult weevils can live at least a year. So you should check your pantry every month or two for weevils. Keeping a clean pantry will prevent weevils from coming back in your home.

Following these natural ways to get rid of weevils. If you have any other way, please share with us.


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