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Gym nowadays has become a phenomenon as everybody cares more about promoting health and a toned body. That is why at either a small gym or famous glassy fitness center, it is teeming most of the time. As a matter of fact, the more crowded one place is, the more regular cleaning it needs. 

When it comes to gym clean, it is never an easy task and. It involves multiple actions to turn the place blemish-free and sanitary again, like moving and cleaning each tool, washing the carpets, wipe spotlessly windows, doors, clean bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. Hence, it should never be left to an amateur. The owner should seek an expert to get away with gym cleaning hygiene. And as an expert in the criteria, we are sure to meet your needs.

How dirty is the gym? 

Even when having internal staff for daily gym hygiene, this place will still remain a dangerous land hidden threat. There are bacteria clinging on the high-touch object’s surface, such as:


Treadmill, barbell, dumbbell, ball, yoga mat, cardio machine are among the most used equipment in the gym. People often use their hands to wipe the sweat from their faces or cover their mouths when sneezing and then resume their interaction with the tools.

As a result, it’s no surprise that the surface and handles of these devices contain a large number of harmful bacteria. And it even increases every day if there is without thorough hygiene. 


The number of visitors entering and leaving the gym every day is countless. This also means the carpet suffers from sweat, dead cells, shoe print, etc. every day. Consequently, they create a favorable environment for a wide variety of bacteria and germ that directly affect the health of every gym goer.

For this reason, many gym owners plan to have the floor carpet cleaned once or twice in 2 months (depending on the number of gym goers that practice in the gym). However, you have to remove all the equipment to do carpet hygiene, and we can say that this is not an easy task at all. Hence, people will have a professional cleaning service instead.

Common bacteria in the gym

Now we know there are bacterias, but what exactly is the kind that exists in the gym? Here are some typical ones:

Rhinovirus: the leading cause of flu. In the working-out gym, it mostly stays on handles of equipment .

Salmonella: a dangerous gut bacteria.

Influenza: one of the common virus that causes flu, it also thrives where people interact the most

Athlete’s foot: a contagious disease that people walk in barefoot can get infected.

Staph: it is the main cause of cellulitis. It usually enters the skin through the cuts, causing swelling, pain, burning, blistering, fever, and can be spread.

Plantar warts: A skin disease that often lies on the carpet, the floor. People who go barefoot are the most targeted victims of this horrendous bacteria. 

Reasons to choose Odyssey Gym Cleaning in Melbourne 

To provide the best quality for the existing and new gym members, gym cleaning hygiene should be the top issue to implement. And since you are searching for a gym cleaning service, you are probably dissatisfied with the previous cleaning service.

This time, if you plan to work with us – the Odyssey Cleaning service, we guarantee to deliver a clean and sanitary environment for the valuable customers, taking the hassle away from you. In particular, we offer the following services:

Professional and trained staff: our employees are all well-trained and able to tackle a wide variety of gym circumstances and conditions. They will employ advanced technical equipment efficiently and finish the task quickly. 

Provide comprehensive cleaning practices: we cover the leisure facilities, the area in gym hygiene such as bathroom, locker room, practicing room, door and entering areas, windows, etc. We shall deliver a clean, safe, and health-conscious environment, making your customers feel comfortable and secure while hanging out around the place. 

Using eco-friendly substances when possible: We use chemicals that do no harm to the environment. In this way, it can protect the gym member’s health and be friendly to the environment.

Affordable: We provide exceptional work at a reasonable, suitable for tight budgets.

No extra fee: We inform the price at the beginning, and it shall not change by the time the task is done. Additional fee is only required when you ask for additional services.

Clean accordingly to your schedule: we provide a consistent service following your plan schedule and promises to finish by the time as planned.

Provide prompt response and good customer care: when receiving email or phone contact, we shall respond very soon. Also, if you have questions regarding our service or meet any problems with the gym hygiene, our establishment shall provide satisfying answers.

Third-party liability insurance for your complete confidence: we have a third insurance party to ensure comprehensive gym cleaning. They are also responsible for all the unexpected damage, accidents happening during our cleaning progress (such as equipment, facilities damage). 

Sum up

At Odyssey Service, we put customer’s benefits as our priority. We guarantee to deliver consistent value that meets your needs. Hopefully, we will have an opportunity to cooperate and deliver the quality standards to gym members. 

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