What does a house cleaning checklist have?

What if your busy days have no “room” for cleaning work? You have been messed up with a lot of messy housework, cleaned around the house and sometimes forget to lock the gas, wash the carpet…. It’s time for you to have a daily, weekly, monthly cleaning checklist. Don’t forget to take 3 minutes to see the detailed house cleaning checklist below!

1. What is house cleaning checklist?

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1.1. What is checklist?

Checklist is a list of all specific tasks to be performed daily, weekly, monthly … in order to reach the goals that have been set.

1.2. What does cleaning checklist use for?

Daily house cleaning checklist may include many different tasks. You cannot divide daily tasks on a fixed schedule to anyone in the house. However, pasting a cleaning checklist in the house will help you not forget any work.

2. Professional house cleaning checklist

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Here is a sample professional house cleaning checklist you can refer to:

  1. Cleaning the kitchen
  2. Sweep and wipe the kitchen floor
  3. Clean the sink
  4. Clean the stove
  5. Dump the garbage
  6. Check for expired food in the refrigerator …
  7. Toilet, bathroom
  8. Clean the tub, wash basin
  9. Rub the toilet
  10. Wipe the bathroom mirror
  11. Washing towels, drying, folding bath towels

III. Clean the living room

  1. Clean the living room, arrange books and magazines
  2. Sweep, mop the floor
  3. Arrange furniture
  4. Empty trash
  5. Other errands
  6. Clean shoe racks
  7. Wipe exercise equipment
  8. Replace the cat’s sand


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3. House cleaning schedule checklist

You need to divide the people who do the housework. Source: Google image


After you have a checklist of things to do, next you need to divide the people who do the work. For example, things like cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the house…should be done by adults. Other things such as garbage collection, folding clothes and blankets, you can ask the children to support. Refer the following house cleaning schedule checklist below:

3.1. Bathroom cleaning checklist

Bathroom is really easy to get dirt. Source: Google image


Bathroom is really easy to get dirt, to have a fresh bathroom 24/7, this is the bathroom cleaning checklist you can refer:

Step 1: Collect dirty cloths, sort trash and put in different garbage bags

Step 2: Wash dishes and glasses in the room; sanitize hand sink and surrounding area

Step 3: Clean the tub, shower room and surrounding area

Step 4: Clean the toilet

Step 5: Change new equipment in the bathroom, clean the bathroom floor, clean and final check

3.2. Kitchen cleaning checklist

Cleaning the kitchen frequently will help you have a fresh cooking space. Source: Google image


Do you want your kitchen be fresh all the time, refer this kitchen cleaning checklist below:

Step 1: Clean the refrigerator.

Step 2: Rinse the pan, burnt pan.

Step 3: Clean kitchen stone surface.

Step 4: Clean the kitchen floor.

Step 5: Remove odors from sewage pipes.

Step 6: Create a fragrance for the kitchen.

Step 7: Clean the stove or oven.

3.3. Cleaning your room checklist

A clean bedroom will save your life. Source: Google.com


Cleaning your room checklist will be perfect if you follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare tools, cleaning chemicals

Step 2: Remove all the scattered and messy items in the room

Step 3: Remove trash in the room and in the trash

Step 4: Vacuum the room and clean the furniture

Step 5: Clean the sheets

Step 6: Mop the floor

Step 7: Spray essential oils, perfumes if you like

3.4. Cleaning living room checklist

You should clean your living room often. Source: Google image


To keep the living room always clean and cool you can follow these steps everyday:

Step 1: Wipe windows and doors once a week

Step 2: Wipe the dust with chicken feather brush and use a damp washcloth to wipe all furniture in the room.

Step 3: Turn off the electrical appliances and then use a chicken feather brush with an extra long handle to clean the dust on the bulb. .

Step 4: Keep the furniture at a distance of 2 to 3 cm from the wall to prevent them from leaning on the wall and scratching the wall. Use chicken feather brushes to clean dust, cobwebs hanging on the corner of the wall and on the ceiling.

Step 5: Vacuum the floor dust, then wipe the house as usual with a cleaning solution or cinnamon essential oil to prevent mosquitoes and insects from flying into the room.


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