Couch cleaning tips that are sure to make you admire yourself

Is your family using a couch to set beauty for the living room space? But in the process of use, the couch is adhered to by dirt causing an aesthetic loss. So do you know how to clean your couch at home?

With just very simple tips, you can quickly refresh your family couch. Follow the simple ways below to clean your couch

1. How to clean a couch

There are many tips to clean a couch. Source: Google image


How to clean a couch has many different ways, if you want to save on hygiene costs and see immediate effects, apply natural methods like baking soda, vinegar. If you want to save time, it is best to hire a professional cleaning unit to help you clean every corner of your couch.

2. How to clean a couch with a steam cleaner

Clean a couch with a steam cleaner. Source: Google image


Have you heard of the hot steam cleaning? Currently, there are many products of mini steam cleaners for families, with reasonable prices, compact structure, simple to use, this brings high work efficiency. This is a very simple tip of how to clean a couch with a steam cleaner, you just need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer, press the button and rub the machine on the entire couch surface, then wait for the sofa to dry and you have completed the task.

3. How to clean a fabric couch

Clean a fabric couch. Source: Google image


This is how to clean a fabric couch:

Vacuum the dust on the couch.

Spraying water with chemicals and disinfectant solution on the couch for a few minutes.

Beat long-term stains with a specialized hand-operated machine. Spray chemicals again and continue using the machine to beat the stains again.

Use a high-powered vacuum to remove water and dirt from the seat.

Use a blower to dry the couch.

Be careful not to use too much water as the couch can leave water residue, fade or shrink the fabric. Waiting for the cover to dry completely before sitting.

4. How to clean a fabric couch by hand

Clean a fabric couch by hand. Source: Google image


Use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly vacuum the entire surface and nooks and crannies of the couch. If your couch is made of fabric, you need to prepare a warm water bath and add 1/4 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid then stir it to create a thick foam (this foam will remove dust dirty and clean most food or drink stains).

You should put the couch in a large yard and airy with sunlight (after washing, you can dry the couch in the sun).

Then, use a soft bristle brush, rub soap bubbles evenly on the surface of the couch (rub your hands gently to create a layer of foam covering the couch surface).

Remove the foam from the couch, you can use a long stick to remove the foam on the couch and use a soft damp cloth to wipe the remaining foam. You should wash the towels and wipe until the couch is completely clean.

Let the sofa dry completely before using again. This is how to clean a fabric couch by hand.

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5. How to clean a fabric couch with baking soda

Clean a fabric couch with baking soda. Source: Google image


Baking soda is an effective solution to save the worries of many families in cleaning fabric couches. How to clean a fabric couch with baking soda: prepare some baking soda and spread them evenly on the surface of the couch. Baking soda will remove the unpleasant odors attached to the couch, the remaining dirt and effectively clean the stains. Baking soda should be left on the surface from 20 minutes to 1 hour to ensure that the baking soda can take effect. After that, use vacuum cleaner to suck them all off the couch surface.

6. How to clean couch stains

Clean couch stains with vinegar. Source: Google image


For the stains caused by tea, milk, coffee, it is often difficult to completely clean if you leave it too long. If you accidentally spill tea or coffee on a felt couch, quickly wipe it with a wet towel, then wipe it off with a dry towel to prevent the water from getting too deep into the seat. 

To perform effectively on how to clean couch stains, you need to dip a soft cloth in vinegar water, squeeze dry and begin to wipe on the surface of the couch. Cleaning this leather couch is quite simple but brings quite good effect, it also does not affect the skin color of your couch.

For leather couch that stick to the dust, you just need to use a soft clean cloth and a vacuum cleaner to clean it.

7. How to clean urine off a couch

Clean urine off a couch. Source: Google image


Step 1: Use a clean towel to absorb water on the surface of the couch, mattress

Step 2: Sprinkle baking soda powder on the area of urine then wait from 3 to 5 minutes

Step 3: Remove the baking powder by using a vacuum cleaner (if you do not have a vacuum cleaner, wipe the baking soda with a clean towel).

Step 4: This is the last step, spray a sufficient amount of vinegar on the urine position to deodorize the declaration and then use a fan to dry it.

For long-standing urine stains, you need to mix baking soda with water and use a toothbrush to scrub the spot to know how to clean urine off a couch.

8. How to clean vomit off couch

Clean vomit off couch. Source: Google image


Vinegar is the perfect cleaning agent for vomit, vinegar can remove mold and bacteria as well as unpleasant odors. Mix the vinegar with warm water and gently scrub the stained area with a scrub brush (scrub carefully to avoid smudging the stain into other areas). Then wipe the couch with a clean cloth until the stain is removed.

9. How to clean leather couch

Clean leather couch. Source: Google image


To know how to clean leather couch. You can use baking soda to effectively clean the leather couch. Dip a clean towel into warm water and blot it into baking soda, rub it on the accumulated stains, then use another clean cloth to soak warm water and wipe the couch again.

10. How to clean white leather couch

Clean white leather couch with vinegar. Source: Google image


Vinegar is an effective ingredient used to clean many household items, including couches. Dip a soft cloth in white vinegar water, wring it dry and start wiping up the couch. How to clean this leather sofa is quite simple but brings quite good effect, it does not affect the skin color of the couch as well.

In humid weather conditions, living room couch easily fall into a moldy state. A study from the Missouri Extension School found that distilled alcohol was absolutely effective in removing mold cells. Mix alcohol and warm water in a ratio of 1: 1, use a soft cloth to dampen the mixture and wipe the couch. Note: Do not use too much alcohol as the color of the couch may be affected.

11. How to clean microfiber couch

Clean microfiber couch. Source: Google image


Do you know how to clean microfiber couch?

Step 1: Spray your sofa with microfiber-friendly dirt repellent, spraying one section after another to ensure that the entire sofa is covered evenly. This will help protect your sofa from accidental drops and help you clean them more easily. Remember that some protective products need at least 2-3 layers to work.


Step 2: Disassemble the cushions every week to vacuum the hair, or debris stuck in the chair.


Step 3: After vacuuming, wipe both sides of the cushion with your suede brush to remove any leftover dirt. If you have pets, this step is required to keep your couch looking fresh.

12. How to clean microsuede couch

Clean microsuede couch with vinegar. Source: Google image


To know how to clean microsuede couch, you can pour white vinegar into a clean towel and rub it on the stain on the couch until it is completely clean, then wipe the sofa again with clean water to remove the smell of vinegar.

13. How to clean suede couch

Clean suede couch with alcohol. Source: Google image


You can apply the following method to handle this problem effectively.

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust clinging to the surface of the couch, in the interstitial seats, making sure to clean up the dry dust, hair … sticking on the seat surface.

You pour alcohol into the spray bottle, then spray evenly across the surface of the sofa, especially the visible stains and nooks and crannies inside. This is very important. Alcohol does not wet the fabric and evaporates much faster than water, so it leaves no traces on the fabric surface. If you’re afraid of rubbing alcohol, try it first in a tight spot on a chair to make sure that spraying alcohol doesn’t affect the color of the fabric.

Then, rub the sofa vigorously and thoroughly with a sponge. In just a few seconds, you will see the sponge stains dusty and turns black.

Wait for the alcohol to completely evaporate and the leather fabric completely dry, using a plastic brush to scrub the newly cleaned surfaces in a circular motion to smooth the sofa’s suede surface. Rub a few times to soften the surface of the fabric.

14. How to clean suede couch with vinegar

Clean suede couch with vinegar. Source: Google image


  1. Brush the stain with a gentle suede brush to remove any easy peeling off.
  2. Use a suede eraser or a brown rubber eraser to completely remove stains.
  3. If stains are stubborn and cannot be removed with an eraser, you can use a small piece of sandpaper and rub it gently. Gentle manipulation here is extremely important, so do not scrub too hard because you will damage the suede surface of the chair.
  4. When the stain disappears, use a soft suede brush to return the fabric to its original state.

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