How to clean upholstery quickly and safely?

Leather sofas, microfiber sofas, suede sofas are very familiar items of many families. However, do you know how to clean the upholstery of these chairs? Refer to the following article immediately, We will show you step by step how to clean them without commercial cleaning.

1. How to clean upholstery fabric

Clean upholstery fabric. Source: Google image 


Perform the following cleaning steps of how to clean upholstery, your upholstery fabric will always be clean and fresh:

– Peel the upholstery off to wash with soap. You should soak it in warm soapy water for about half an hour and then wash.

– Use a vacuum cleaner to clean dust on the rest of the chair. Fabric upholstery chairs are easy to pick up dust and dirt.

– If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you can use a damp cloth to spread on the chair, then beat up dust with a stick. Dust from the chair will soar and cling to damp towels.

2. How to clean cotton upholstery

Clean cotton upholstery. Source: Google image


A common way of how to clean upholstery fabric is to use vinegar. Pour a sufficient amount of vinegar onto a soft cloth and gently rub it over the stubborn stains on the upholstery, rub it over and over again to keep it clean as desired.

3. How to clean vinyl upholstery

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Clean vinyl upholstery. Source: Google image


Vinyl is a familiar material used as an upholstery for car seats, to clean upholstery made of this material, you can clean the seat with glass cleaner. Be careful to use soft cotton towels to wipe the seats to avoid it from being scratched.

4. How to clean linen upholstery

Clean linen upholstery. Source: Google image


Linen upholstery often makes your interior space more youthful and modern, but linen is also the easiest material to catch dirt. To clean linen upholstery, you can sprinkle some baking soda on the upholstery, leave it there for a while then use a vacuum cleaner to clean the baking soda away, baking soda has the effect of deodorizing and removing dirt very effectively. 

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5. How to clean microfiber upholstery

Clean microfiber upholstery. Source: Google image


The microfiber upholstery is comfortable to sit on, but it’s the hardest material to clean. However, you can use the following method of how to clean microfiber upholstery:

Step 1: Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust clinging to the surface of the upholstery, in the interstitial slot, making sure to remove the dry dust, hair … clinging to the seat surface.

Step 2: Spray the alcohol on the surface of the upholstery, where stubborn dirt stains exist. Alcohol does not wet the linen upholstery and evaporate much faster than water, so there will be no traces on the surface. If you’re afraid of rubbing alcohol, try it first in an enclosed space on the chair.

Step 3: Scrub the stain with a clean white sponge. Avoid using old sponge, as this may stain the upholstery.

Step 4. Allow the portion to dry completely. You will notice that the brushed area appears to be harder and darker than elsewhere.

Step 5: Rub the surface of the cloth with a clean and soft brush, paying attention to rub in a circular motion until the fabric surface turns softer. Note, use a soft white brush.

6. How to clean polyester upholstery

Clean polyester upholstery. Source: Google image


Detachable polyester sofa upholsterers such as seat covers, pillow cases should be washed by hand and dried (by wind as possible). For non-removable parts, you can use a mild detergent dissolved in water to foam on the surface of the upholstery, then wipe it off with a damp cloth. You can also combine the cleaning process with a vacuum cleaner and dry the funiture with fans to bring more efficiency.

7. How to clean cloth upholstery

Clean cloth upholstery. Source: Google image


  1. First, you need to vacuum the large particles of dirt and debris deposited on, in the furniture surface and the crevices of furniture. Then use a soft and clean cloth to wipe the entire furniture, just use a damp (not wet) and clean cloth to wipe the relatively clean areas of the furniture.
  2. Take a clean cloth or clean washcloth, then immerse the towel in a solution of some water and white vinegar and wring it dry. Wipe the entire furniture surface with a vinegar-soaked dry towel. There is a sufficient amount of acid in vinegar to remove the stains and dirt on the furniture.

8. How to clean suede upholstery

Clean suede upholstery. Source: Google image


Cleaning suede upholstery is very simple, you just need:

  1. Dip a clean cotton towel into vinegar, then wipe it over the suede covered surface in a circular motion to remove stains.
  2. Allow the surface of the upholstery to dry naturally and then use a scrub brush to polish the surface of the upholstery.

9. How to clean silk upholstery

Clean silk upholstery with neutral detergent. Source: Google image


Silk is a material that creates comfort, coolness for the user and makes the house much more luxurious and expensive. However, silk is also a material that needs meticulous care when cleaning. You should follow these steps when cleaning a silk upholstery:

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the upholstery.
  2. Wash a silk-wrapped upholstery in neutral detergent, or use a shower gel to wash it.
  3. Dry silk upholstery in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

10. How to clean leather upholstery

Clean leather upholstery with vinegar. Source: Google image


Vinegar is a very effective cleaning solution for molded leather. The method is quite simple, you only need to mix the white vinegar solution and water with a suitable amount of mold stains and stains on the surface of the upholstery. Dip a clean, soft rag in this solution and wipe the mold surface thoroughly. Finally, wipe with water to clean the leather upholstery again.

11. How to clean upholstery sofa

Clean upholstery sofa with alcohol. Source: Google image


For a felted sofa, you can use this way of how to clean upholstery sofa by wiping the sofa with alcohol, but for an expensive leather sofa, mix white vinegar with water and wipe the surface of the chair, and finally wipe the seat back again with clean water to remove the smell of vinegar and clean the chair for the last time.

12. How to clean a chair upholstery

There are many ways to clean a chair upholstery. Source: Google image


Cleaning a chair upholstery is very simple, you can choose specialized cleaning chemicals to clean the upholstery, or apply natural cleaning methods of how to clean a chair upholstery such as baking soda, vinegar mentioned above.

13. How to clean upholstery stains

Clean upholstery stains. Source: Google image

13.1. Stains on felt fabric:

Clean stains on felt fabric with vinegar. Source: Google image


Coffee stains are one of the most difficult stains to remove, but you can use a damp cloth to soak up the newly spilled coffee stain, in addition, you can use vinegar, or strong salt water to know how to clean upholstery stains on felt fabric.

13.2. Stains on leather upholstery:

Clean leather upholstery with vinegar. Source: Google image


One way to remove stains on leather upholstery is using white vinegar. To avoid discoloration of the upholstery, dilute the vinegar with water in a 1: 2 ratio. Then use a clean towel to absorb this solution and rub gently on the leather-covered surface. Finally, you only need to let the upholstery dry naturally.

13.3. With stains on suede upholstery:

Clean suede upholstery. Source: Google image


To remove stains on suede upholstery items, simply wait for the stain to dry, then use a damp brush to brush the stain.

14. How to clean blood from upholstery

Clean blood from upholstery with soda. Source: Google image


To remove blood from the upholstery, follow these steps of how to clean blood from upholstery:

  1. Place a damp washcloth on the bloodstain in order from the outside to the inside of the upholstery, do not rub the bloodstain as it will spread the bloodstains wider.
  2. Mix water with a can of soda and pour the mixture straight onto the bloodstain, use a soft sponge to dab the bloodstain until the bloodstains fade on the wrap.
  3. Mix 80% water, 10% glycerin and 10% bleach in a bowl, then pour this mixture into a spray bottle and spray 2-3 times on the bloodstains, using a clean sponge to wipe in circle motion until the bloodstains are completely removed.
  4. After cleaning the stains, pour cold water on the cleaned area and blot with a towel to clean the upholstery.

15. How to clean chocolate from upholstery

Clean chocolate from upholstery with dishwashing liquid. Source: Google image


Cleaning the stain caused by chocolate is very simple: Mix 2 cups of clean water with a spoon of dishwashing liquid, then use a clean cloth to dampen this solution and wipe from the outer edge of the chocolate stain.

16. How to clean mold off upholstery

Use neutral detergent to clean mold off upholstery. Source: Google image


To remove mold on upholstery, you can mix neutral water detergent with water, beat to foam and wipe the upholstery with a clean cloth to wipe this stain. Finally, use another damp washcloth to wipe the upholstery one more time, dry it in the sun.


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