How to clean your room with small space?

Bedroom is an important space to help us recover health and regain energy after a tiring day of work, therefore, regular cleaning the bedroom will help us lead a healthier and more relaxing life. For small room of only about 10m2, how can we clean up to make the bedroom always neat and airy while having too much furniture in the room? Here are some tips of how to clean your room you can not ignore.

1. How to clean your room

Clean your room regularly to stay healthy. Source: Google image


Following the guidelines of how to clean your room below will help you know how to keep your small bedroom clean and tidy:

  1. Change your sheets every week.
  2. Keep the floor clean.
  3. Clean floor and furniture with wet towels.
  4. Reduce the contact of furniture with dust.
  5. Clean up the wardrobe.
  6. Do not bring shoes to the bedroom.
  7. Restricting pets to room.
  8. Changing old and broken furniture.

2. How to clean your room in only 20 minutes

It’s easy to clean your room in only 20 minutes. Source: Google image


Prepare tools to clean the entire room:

Items needed to clean the bedroom: Garbage bags, vacuum cleaner, soft cloths, vinegar, baking soda and other related utensils.

2.1. Clear cluttered areas

Clean cluttered areas in bedroom. Source: Google image


First, rearrange the furniture in place. It’s not easy to rearrange the mess in the right place, because when you’re tired or sleepy, you can put it anywhere in the room. Therefore, to apply tips of how to clean a messy room, we need to spend a few minutes to clean up the furniture and abandon the habit of throwing junk to make the room neat and tidy for the next time.

2.2. Clean up the mattress and bed

Clean mattress and bed. Source: Google image


Mattress is an important element of the bedroom and also need to be cleaned regularly. Mattress contains a lot of dirt for a long time so we need to vacuum it from the top down. In addition, the mattress often smells of sweat, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.

To protect the mattress, we can use a waterproof protection sheet, ensure ventilation and keep the mattress sanitary.

Bed is usually made of wood, so cleaning the bed is very simple, you can use a soft cloth moistened with an antibacterial solution to wipe all the surface of the bed and the foot of the bed.

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2.3. Wash pillows and blankets

Wash pillows and blankets regularly. Source: Google image


When we sleep, it is likely that saliva will seep into the pillow causing odors and slicks on it. In addition, the pillow contains dust, dead cells and dandruff. Dirty pillows also affect breathing, cause us to be allergic or have trouble breathing.


Because of this, to know how to clean your room fast and easy, we need to change the pillowcase and wash it regularly so that the pillow is always fresh and clean. You should also buy a washable pillow easily.


Like pillows, blankets often contain dirt. To clean the blanket, you can remove the blanket to wash and change the blanket to make it fragrant and clean each time we use.

2.4. Clean any dirt on the ceiling

We need to clean the ceiling regularly. Source: Google image


Ceiling often has dirt attached, and small spiders or cockroaches, lice underneath furniture, so we need to clean it regularly. The order will be from the ceiling down, then you should clean the furniture carefully. To ensure everything is completely clean, we should use a dust mop, antibacterial wipe, …

2.5. Vacuum the floor

Vacuum the floor several times to get rid of dust. Source: Google image


First, you need to prepare a garbage bag to store trash each time you vacuum. For dusty places, it’s best to repeat vacuuming the floor several times. For floors with carpets, you should also vacuum thoroughly. You can spray deodorant on the carpet before vacuuming to give the room a slight fragrance.


If your room does not have carpet, we sweep the floor totally clean from dust, then wipe the floor with cleaning water.

2.6. Wipe the mirrors and windows

To clean the mirrors and windows, we should use glass cleaner. Source: Google image


Mirrors and windows are source of dust coning from the outside. To clean the mirrors and windows, we should use glass cleaner, you should mix vinegar and water to create solution that can brighten the mirrors and windows. Repeat cleaning windows and mirrors will make your room cleaner and more shiny.

2.7. Collect any trash in the room

After cleaning the bedroom, the final step is to pick up the all trash. Source: Google image


After cleaning the bedroom, the final step is to pick up the all trash and throw away. To make the room smell good, you can spray air freshener or sprinkle orange and lemon essential oils to make the room smell natural and pleasant.

Above are quick, compact and light tips of how to clean your room quickly. Make it a habit to spend a few hours cleaning your room regularly to ensure your health and make your body comfortable.


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