How to tell if you are currently hiring a good cleaning service provider at your workplace?

We all love living and working in a clean and dust-free environment. The saying “Clean space, clean minds” is always true. Having a good service provider who makes your business clean is not only beneficial for your own health, your colleagues and customers but also increases the productivity and morale of employees. But how do you know that your cleaner is doing a good job? This document has pulled 8 signs that help you identify good cleaning service. 

Check all areas to make sure there is no trash or dirt

The easiest way to check if you are getting the kind of clean that you pay for is by taking a closer look at the cleaning job from your providers. Only once you can touch all the areas at your workplace without worrying about dust or dirt, this means your current cleaners are well-done. 


Check if your current cleaning team is doing a good job by a simple finger test 

There are some areas needed to be checked carefully because these areas are so small that the cleaning team often miss or just skim over. These consist of front doors, workstations, small trash bins, reception desk, sofa and any furniture at work. By doing this, you can make clear whether your provider is doing strata cleaning or whether they skip over these parts. 

These places are areas that your employees, customers and visitors are most likely to use on a daily basis. Just a simple test by finger is essential to make sure the surfaces of objects and subjects are dirt-free. Furthermore, you can take a closer look to find out stains and smears. 

The cleaners are trained and follow the appropriate cleaning procedures

It is a big mistake to think that there is no difference between a regular and professional cleaning service provider. The reason is that because you just see the same super clean of your office, however, some areas are not actually clean. Professional cleaning providers will train their employees to use safe chemicals and storage and know the right products or devices to clean different areas and materials. 


A good company specializing in cleaning service will train their employees strictly following their rules

Moreover, well-trained cleaners have an organized approach to their work. This means that they will make your office cleaner and follow cleaning standards better. Good cleaning service providers are more likely to get your business germ-free. 

The cleaning standard stay consistent over time 

Another way to identify if you hire the well-done cleaners or not is make sure that you are not getting less cleaning service than you used to have in the past. A professional office cleaning provider should offer their jobs consistently over everything else. The results of their cleaning should not change from time to time. Once the cleaners are getting used to cleaning your workplace, they may no longer focus on the details. 

The good cleaning service provider is well equipped for doing a good job

Having the right equipment and devices is crucial in completing the cleaning job effectively. Generally, cleaners will bring many cleaning products with them all the day. Be sure to observe them at work to check whether they are using the appropriate equipment. Not only should they choose the tools that will be effective in cleaning, but those supplies should also be safe. 


A professional cleaner should be well-equipped with the safest and most effective cleaning tools 

Of course, you are not an expert in cleaning. However, some points for bad cleaning providers are that cleaners use only one or two gloves to clean every area from the toilet to your working place. and use one all-purpose detergent when they agree to use different spray for different surfaces. 

It is worth taking time to check what supplies your office cleaning provider is using to clean the surfaces at the workplace. Some modern supplies are strong enough to become a danger for those who smell the fumes produced by them. These products may affect the respiratory system of your team. Therefore, make sure to check that your cleaner offers the safest and most effective products. If so, you are using a good cleaning service provider.

The cleaners use safety signs in some specified areas

If the floor in your office has smooth surfaces, you may expect your cleaning team to leave a wet floor signs occasionally. In general, all the best products for cleaning these surfaces are wet. However, professional cleaners are somehow conscientious of the kind of hazard from these supplies.  


Safety signs and markings should be placed on some areas such as wet floor

Wet floor signs and other markings about a recently cleaned area can help your employees be aware of the potential risk and follow the instructions accordingly. If your cleaning team leaves wet floor easily accessible and unattended without any signals, it is very dangerous. 

The cleaners are always time and follow the schedule 

As mentioned above, a professional team should follow the cleaning standard. Of all the standards, a good cleaning service should follow the certain schedule. Depending on your own needs and the work schedule from cleaners, you can find convenient time for both sides. However, it is also crucial that they are able to do their cleaning job following that schedule. If the teams are regularly late or sometimes arrive at different time, it can be a major inconvenience. This can lead to unproductive workers in your office as well.


Another way to identify a professional cleaning team is check the schedule and timeline of the cleaner 

Moreover, a good cleaning team should plan a fairly reliable schedule when they are at and cleaning. They should organize the time they spend on each task and make sure that every place should be cleaned before they leave the office. But sometimes, there are some messy areas to deal with, which means that it can take more time to clean than usual. 

The team do not leave any cleaning product behind

A good cleaning team will offer the best supplies available to make sure there is no dust or dirt on the surfaces. Moreover, they also ensure that their strata cleaning methods do not leave any product residues. Because some products do additional harm or risk to the health of employees. If the cleaners do not take care of these, it can increase the risk of slipping and contamination as well.


Good cleaning service provider do not leave any product residue behind after cleaning

Members of the cleaning team both wear uniforms and carry identification cards

You can recognize how serious a provider is about their work when their employees are willing to follow certain standards of dress. A uniform can help you identify members of the teams faster and easier. This makes it easier to communicate with cleaners and see how well they are doing their job. 

As well as uniforms, professional cleaning teams should wear identification cards (ID cards). This makes it easier to get in touch with them when you have any questions or feedback about the cleaning process. However, it is also crucial to be aware of the risk of cleaning teams as they can give your company unnecessary documents. ID cards could help to eliminate that risk easier. 

Having a good cleaning service who makes your business clean is not only good for the health of your colleagues and your customers but also increases the employees’ morale, productivity and lowing rates of absenteeism as well. This document has provided 8 signs that help you to know if your current cleaning provider is doing a good job. Hope that with these signs, you can choose the most suitable cleaning team for their workplace.


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