Medical Centre Cleaning Melbourne

Medical Centre Cleaning Melbourne

Looking for one of Melbourne’s most exceptional medical centre cleaning services?

Odyssey Cleaning supplies optimal hygienic medical centre cleaning services. You can rest assured knowing that your medical practitioners and patients, office staff and suppliers will be in a fully hygienic environment after we have cleaned it.

The high number of patients in medical centres each day could equate to each centre becoming a hotspot of spreadable diseases and infections. The global outbreak of COVID-19 has added an extra layer of concern regarding infections and hygiene. Your reputation could be on the line if a member of the public brings traceable disease and infections into your medical premises. It stands to reason that regarding superior medical centre cleaning, Melbourne facilities require these more than ever.

Odyssey Cleaning provides the exceptional quality of medical centre cleaning that Melbourne medical centre managers are looking for. We do a lot more than just wiping surfaces to make things look good. Our medical centre cleaning services come with specialist knowledge, expertise and compliance procedures to eliminate health risks to staff and patients. We ensure that every person who enters your premises will be safe from dirt, dust, bugs and germs.

For high quality medical centre cleaning services, you won’t regret giving Odyssey Cleaning a call today on 0451 042 234.

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Tailored solutions for medical centre cleaning in Melbourne

Large hospitals, busy medical clinics and small dental practices – each has different cleaning requirements. At Odyssey Cleaning, we can customise our approach to suit your particular medical centre and your schedule.

Our cleaning staff take care to safeguard all your medical equipment. We keep constantly in contact with the Care Quality Commission to make sure that our staff are up to date with new, specialised cleaning products that are non-allergenic and eco-friendly. This assists patients with allergies and immuno-compromised conditions to have a safer and more relaxed experience.

Our hygienic cleaning processes avoid cross-contamination because our team cleans each rag and mop after cleaning one area. We also make sure that our electrical cleaning equipment, such as floor polishers, have been tested and tagged for safety checks and those vacuum cleaners are routinely cleaned and filtered.

Other medical centre cleaning Melbourne services that we provide include tidying up the reception areas, emptying bins, wiping desks and all other hard surfaces, cleaning and disinfecting all equipment and rooms, disposing of medical waste, and cleaning and replacing all patient laundry regularly.

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Why choose Odyssey Cleaning

Safe cleaning of equipment

All your expensive medical equipment will be cleaned safely and carefully by our cleaners.

Quality cleaning products

We use only non-allergenic and eco-friendly products recommended by the Care Quality Commission.

Hygienic cleaning processes

All our cleaners are trained in the cleaning processes we have developed that avoid cross-contamination.

Courteous and friendly cleaners

Our cleaners call come with a positive and professional attitude.

Flexible schedules

We can arrive at a time when your medical centre is less busy to ensure the least disruption to staff and patients.

Choose Odyssey Cleaning for medical centre cleaning in Melbourne

Medical centre cleaning in Melbourne should be done by a cleaning business that is effective and trustworthy. You need someone who understands the specialised nature of medical centre cleaning.We begin with a stringent recruitment process that seeks cleaners who are disciplined, have exceptional attention for detail, a positive attitude and a friendly manner. We ensure that all our cleaners are experienced, well trained, punctual, skilled, effective and efficient.

We supply them with rigorous and comprehensive training in OH&S and the latest cleaning methods and products. We ensure they take care around your precious medical equipment to protect it while cleaning.We have years of experience in medical centre cleaning in Melbourne.

Medical Centre Cleaning Services

If you are looking for a medical centre cleaning service that prioritises staff, patients and equipment, give Odyssey Cleaning a call today on 0451 042 234.
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Immediate and friendly response

We understand that people who ring wanting a medical centre cleaning service are looking for a prompt reply. Our years of experience in cleaning medical centres means we will respond to your request as soon as you call.

Our specialised knowledge of cleaning medical centres ensures our staff will collect all the information necessary with regard to size, room, equipment and so on.

Tell us of your requirements, the size of your medical centre and the day and hours you would like it cleaned and we will be able to give you a quote within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Do You Offer?

We offer comprehensive carpet cleaning, window cleaning, commercial cleaning and end of lease cleaning. We can also provide washroom supplies to help you maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

How Much Time Will Cleaning Take?

There’s no standard answer for how long cleaning will take. This will depend on the size of the area that needs cleaning and the extent to which it needs to be cleaned.

What Do Your Services Cost?

We’re as transparent about costs as possible, but this can only be answered once we’ve assessed the amount of cleaning required. However, you can rest assured that we have no hidden costs.

Do You Have Satisfaction Guarantees?

Yes, because we’re confident enough in our abilities. If you’re not happy with the result the first time around, we will do the job again at no additional cost.

What Sets You Apart from the Competition?

We have years of experience, we can tackle jobs of any size, we respond to requests in a timely manner, and we maintain a friendly demeanour at all times.

Do You Conduct Background Checks on Employees?

Yes, we make sure all of our staff members have gone through rigorous police checks so you can trust them to do the right thing.

What Products Do You Use?

We use safe and environmentally-friendly cleaning products to deliver the best results, protect people from harm, and minimise our impact on the environment

What Suburbs Do You Service?

We primarily service the Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas, including Southbank, Docklands, South Wharf and Albert Park.

Are You Insured?

Yes, we offer full public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

How Can I Get in Touch with You?

If you want to learn more about our commercial cleaning services, the Savvy Cleaning team can happily answer any further questions you have. Contact us today by calling 0451 042 234, sending an email to info@savvycleaning.com.au or submitting an enquiry online for a prompt and informative reply.

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