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A medical center has the strictest requirements for cleaning. In this article, we will be breaking down the reasons Odyssey Medical Cleaning can satisfy them.

Medical centers are places whose mission and duty is to bring people back to their feet and battle against health risks of all sorts. Thus, in this particular setting, cleanliness must be prioritized above all. That is why it is vital for a medical center that their cleaning goes beyond just appearance.

Therefore, it is always a better idea to entrust the cleaning of your medical office to a professional service like Odyssey. If you are still not convinced, here are some additional reasons.

Our Cleaners Are Trained For Medical Center Cleaning

As we have mentioned, patients do not like it when their well-being goes downhill after going to a medical center. However, as absurd as this may look like, it is indeed a very real risk, as a medical center can become an outbreak of infectious disease easily.

After all, medical centers see hundreds or even thousands of sick people coming and going each day. If the cleaning staff forgets to check even just a single spot, viruses can start populating the whole area.

With the pandemic wreaking havoc, we are sure that you do not want any untrained individual to be responsible for cleaning. This will never prove to be a problem for Odyssey’s medical cleaning, as our staff is properly trained in the government’s safety and health standard.

For example, our staff receives training about proper cleaning procedures in order to limit virus outbreaks as much as possible. Additionally, we often report to the Care Quality Commission and enlist their help in updating our staff on new specialized cleaning products. Thus, we always know which sanitizers to use so that everyone in the center, staff and patients alike, will be healthy.

Our Cleaning Products Are Safe

As you may know, there are quite a lot of cleaning products available these days on the market. However, they are often only fitting for the office setting, as it is the least demanding.

This is not the case for medical centers, due to them having so many sick people, a lot of these products will have side effects. If you employ Odyssey Medical Cleaning, this is no longer a problem. We understand your need, so we only use the safest cleaning products possible.

We Know Which Regulations To Follow

Odyssey understands that medical offices need to follow extremely strict regulations when it comes to cleaning. In fact, we know that the Center for Disease Control regularly updates a set of precise rules for medical cleaning.

We have put a great deal of effort into training our staff so that they all can follow the regulations that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration provided. Case in point, they know exactly how to handle bloodborne pathogens, which is a common issue in medical cleaning.

Our Staffs Do Not Make Mistake

Normal clients will not care if the cleaning staff makes a tiny mistake here and there. For them, it is just a matter of removing some soil and tidying up the place, so they can handle the shortcomings themselves.

However, we are aware that a medical center requires absolute focus, no mistake allowed. With that kind of intensity, Odyssey Medical Cleaning will only introduce you to the most professional staff.

We know that your average medical center patient often lives with a frail immune system. They are hospitalized for a reason, after all. Thus, our cleaners will make sure that they disinfect every single door handle and other easy-to-touch things in each shift.

Additionally, the staff are all trained individuals, so they are aware of how to clean each medical equipment following the up-to-standard procedure. Other cleaners may accidentally damage your expensive gears with a wrong cleaning method, but not us.

Besides, our crew will make sure that all the high traffic spots such as public areas and restrooms are thoroughly cleaned. We will not stop there, however, as there are still hidden spots and our experienced crews will make sure these are also cleaned.

We will also not make any avoidable mistakes like using vacuum cleaners that are not filtered properly. After all, we know that they can blow bacterial and viral pathogens into the air.

Our Staff Have A Clean Record

In the medical setting, theft has become one of the most disturbing phenomena lately. After all, residents of nursing homes, hospital patients, and patients’ families are always distracted by their or their family member’s health. Thus, they are all really vulnerable to theft, especially from janitors, to whom they tend to put their defense down.

Besides, there is also the risk of missing medical equipment. As you may know, lots of medical gears are quite expensive, as they are the peak of our technology. In fact, the majority of equipment stolen has been discovered as inside works, usually from the hands of contractors.

Also, stolen prescription drugs take up a large proportion of the illegal drug trade, and believe us, most of them come from janitors.

As you can see, if you are not careful enough with your staff, you will run into an unwanted case of someone biting the hands that feed them.

However, this is a non-factor with Odyssey Medical Cleaning, as our employees have passed through police background checks. Their spotless record will surely help your mind be more at ease.


All in all, we can confidently say that we are among the best medical cleaning services in Melbourne. If you are interested in cooperating with Odyssey Medical Cleaning after reading through this article, you can contact us at 0451 042 234.

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