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Having trouble deciding on your school cleaning policy? Not knowing if a pro service is any better than a local one? Worry not, in this article we will break it down for you

Do you know that the cleanliness of a class plays a major role in the development of students’ academic career? However, as kids are kids, there will always be a mess left after each school day. After all, thanks to their hyper-active nature, young students will always find a way to get dirty.

Thus, every corner in your facility needs professional cleaning, from the hallways to the classrooms to the cafeterias. If you are still in doubt, here are some more reasons why professional school cleaning is vital for the sake of not only your staff and students’ well-being, but also their performance. 

Benefits of School Cleaning

From teachers becoming more productive to students having a greater learning experience, a professional cleaning service can provide many benefits for your school.

Teachers Will Be More Productive

You may think that there is no correlation between teachers being more productive and professional school cleaning. However, we beg to differ, in most schools, the teachers are usually the ones responsible for cleaning the classrooms after class. This will consume a large portion of their already limited time and reduce their performance to some extent.

With a cleaning team helping, now they can instead focus more on grading their students’ assignments, planning for further lessons, or tending to their personal matters. After all, we all need a little bit of time for unwinding so that we can present our best self for the job. In this sense, the teachers are no different.

If the teachers are spending all the free time they have cleaning the classroom, there will certainly be burn-outs, making them lose their motivation. Moreover, they have never undergone any specific training related to cleansing, so they may miss a lot of spots due to oversight.

As a result, opting for pro cleaning services will produce a much cleaner environment, providing fewer distractions for the teacher.

A Greater Experience For Learning

It has been proven that the environment you are learning in can affect the efficiency of your work greatly. In fact, there are even several studies about how a clean environment correlates with students getting better grades.

This is no surprise if you just stop for a while and give this some thoughts. In a professionally cleaned class, there is no distracting smell, no dust flying around the classroom. Anyone who has worked in a sanitized place like this can tell you how easy it was to concentrate and relax their mind.

Significantly Improve health 

If you want to learn properly, then you must first have a healthy physical and mental state. This is the same case for teaching and studying, as without decent health, one will also crumble under pressure. And believe us, there is no shortage of pressure in a school setting.

This is why you should ask for professional cleaning services’ assistance. Their experienced staff know exactly where to clean so that the number of dust and unclean matters thriving in the school are reduced as much as possible. Thus, the risk of teachers and students getting sick will be infinitely decreased. 

This will translate to needing fewer substitute teachers, who, despite their effort, still cannot be as familiar with the lessons.

As for the students, there will certainly be a lot less sick days. So, we will not have to worry about them not being able to catch up with the rest of the class. Furthermore, there are also many additional benefits such as better involvement in the classroom.

Why You Should Choose Odyssey As Your School Cleaning Service

With all these benefits of using a professional school cleaning service, there is no denying its importance now. However, how does one decide on a specific service with so many available? Let us make it easier by showing you the great points of Odyssey School Cleaning.

Scheduled Cleaning

We at Odyssey Cleaning will be keeping all the cleaning as well as disinfecting right on schedule. After all, the most vital thing is school cleaning is the ability to stick to the plan for a long time. 

Odyssey cleaning will always arrive at the exact time we agree with you beforehand. We will never be too early or too late. And we will get things done in the quickest way possible so that you do not have to postpone any of your activities for an extended period – something no academic facility would want.

Trained Staff

Our staff are all well-trained, they know how to dispose of different types of waste properly, as well as how to handle school equipment as they circle the areas and wipe away the dust. On the other hand, people that have no experience tend to have a hard time working with complex gear, and therefore may damage something important.

The staff at Odyssey also has regular updates on the best cleaning methods. Thus, you can be sure that they work with the fastest and most efficient practices. After our job is finished, each and every room will look like having just been built just days before. On our watch, no dust or even grime will be left unattended! We will send them all on their merry way at the end of the day.

Quick Response Time

While our base is in Southbank, we can provide our service to any school in Melbourne. Besides, we are proud of our ability to respond quickly, from the itinial contact to appointment booking.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Now we believe you have already had a very clear picture of who you should call to return your school to its mint state in your mind! At Odyssey, nothing is impossible! We will work to our utmost capacity, and show you the best attitude while we are at work. Just carry on with your teaching and studying, and we will take care of your environment!

If you have any inquiry, you can contact us at 0451 042 234.

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