Shopping Centres Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Shopping centre is a public area where there are hundreds or even thousands of workers and customers who come and leave every day. Therefore, it has to be routinely cleaned and refurbished to bring about a healthy and comfortable environment for everyone to work, play, and shop.

With a professional staff, the top-rated Shopping Centres Cleaning service of Odyssey will help your keep your shopping centre in good shape all year round. 

If that is what you need, let’s spend a few minutes to learn about our service!  

shopping centres cleaning

What Is Shopping Centres Cleaning?

Shopping centres cleaning refers to the work of keeping a shopping centre clean. Of course, it is different from domestic cleaning or any other type of cleaning as a shopping centre comprises of various sections with different characteristics and requirements.

Cleaning a large house, a villa, a resort, or an office building is completely different from cleaning a shopping centre. It is not just about removing dust and dirt. Indeed, the task involves a range of heavy-duty appliances and advanced methods to clean specific areas of a shopping centre.

For instance, we have to use industrial-strength vacuum cleaners to clean thick and huge carpets/floor buffers to clean them thoroughly and quickly.

Thanks to our professional shopping centres cleaning service, you can enjoy all of the below advantages:

  • Save time yet achieve better results: As we mentioned above, cleaning a shopping centre is not a simple task. As a result, only a trained crew with dedicated equipment can complete the work with the least time and maximum performance.
  • Facilitate an ideal workplace: A clean workplace will keep your staff healthy, comfortable, and concentrate more on their jobs. Vice versa, they cannot work well in a dirty and unhealthy environment. 
  • Draw more customers owing to improving their experience: It goes without saying that a neat and tidy shopping centre will enhance the experience of clients whether they come there to shop, play, or do some business. 

The cleaner your shopping centre is, the more customers want to visit it.

Why You Should Choose Odyssey Cleaning

Odyssey Cleaning Management boasts delivering reliable shopping centres cleaning service in the Melbourne CBD and more than that. 

We supply a wide array of services, from showroom cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and so on. Our foremost mission is to create and maintain the maximum hygiene conditions where the facilities in your shopping centre are completely spotless.

There are numerous undeniable reasons why the Odyssey cleaning service is your optimal choice as follows:

Quick and Prompt Response

We understand that time is priceless, especially for those who are running crowded shopping centres. This is the reason why at Odyssey cleaning, we never get our customers to wait a while to get the reply. 

Anywhen you send us a message to ask about our service or to make an appointment, our staff members will make a response shortly. Thereby, you know our company is devoted and professional from the first steps and in the smallest details.

Friendly and Dedicated Staff

As every one of our employees is well-trained with the highest standards, you can totally feel reassured about their performance. 

With advanced skills and high responsibility, they will fulfil the tasks effectively no matter the size and conditions of your shopping centre is. 

On top of that, Odyssey cleaning promises not only excellent results that worth every penny, but also the happiest experience when you choose our friendly and courteous staff.

You will always have a smile on your face before, during, and after we carry out the task for you.

High-quality Machinery and Equipment

At Odyssey, we only utilise high-grade commercial cleaning appliances and the latest technologies to clean your shopping centres in the best way possible. Our state-of-art tools are always the most up-to-date to ensure the most satisfactory results.

Most importantly, all cleaning products that our workers use are always eco-friendly and safe for human health. Some cheaper cleaning services often apply strong chemicals for sanitisation, but we do not do that here. 

No harmful chemical or fume is allowed. We use premium natural detergents with low odour only!

Optimum Hygiene

We try our best to maintain the maximum hygiene in premises that are visited by numerous workers and consumers on a daily basis. 

With perennial experience, finest tools, high responsibility, and particular cleaning schedules/plans for different sections, we make sure that every corner of your shopping centre is always in its best condition.

Full Warranty and Insurance

As a reputable company, Odyssey takes the confidentiality and security of clients seriously. All of our employees must have passed strict tests by police and got their background thoroughly checked. 

Plus, they are fully insured by our company so that you have nothing to worry about if any problem happens. These trained cleaners are carefully picked from experienced, approachable, and friendly workers in the field of shopping centre cleaning Melbourne.

No Hidden Fee

Our price list is 100% apparent. There is no additional fee in our contract or during the process we take on our duty.

With the aim to bring about peace of mind for our dear clients, we will calculate the expense of cleaning each area and sum them all to provide the most detailed and accurate results. Thus,  you can determine the total fee at once.

Uninterrupted Monitoring Of The Cleaning Process

  • Our professional cleaners will never suddenly become irresponsible, careless, or lazy because we keep supervising their doing all the time. 
  • We are on service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 35 days a year, depending on your demands.
  • At the completion of the cleaning process, we will ourselves check every section of your shopping centre to guarantee the perfect results that we pledge to make in the contract.
  • With modern technologies and careful cleaners, your shopping centre will be tidied up by our swift and dependable service. Here come the most polished floors and the shiniest mirrors!
  • We have a standard code of health and safety regulations that every staff has to stay in compliance with. Besides, they always serve your business with the most thoughtful and committed spirits in their minds.
  • Not only your shoppers but also shop owners, office staff, employees will want to visit your shopping centre again and again.

What Does Odyssey Cleaning Exactly Do?

Tidy the floor 

We are going to give you a brand-new floor which is so polished that everybody can see their reflected images there! What is greater than having your floor look like new without having to replace any piece of tile? 

To refresh the atmosphere, conventional cleaning routines are insufficient. Owing to our professional method and equipment, your shopping centre’s floors can be cleaned well yet still preserve their original properties.

Most noteworthy, our teams are even able to restore your floor from bad conditions. It is not simply cleaning, but it is also maintaining and protecting the floor from harmful factors.

Empty and reline the garbage

People in shopping malls usually fill trash bins very quickly. Therefore, our staff will focus on emptying them all the time. There will be no situation when garbages are full, and waste is dumped outside.

In addition, this also means that we will eliminate any chance for foul smell, flies, maggots, rodents, and other annoying dirty things to appear inside your building,

Trash bins in all locations, from the corridors and balconies to the shops and WC, will be frequently emptied before they can become full.

Sanitise public space

Public areas are the most important locations that require meticulous sanitisation, particularly spots where children and older people often gather.

However, we understand that these sensitive areas need strong cleaning and disinfection, yet the solutions must be safe. For that reason, our staff only apply hard-surface disinfectants approved by the Australian authority.

Dust surfaces of objects

We have enough specialised tools for cleaning different surfaces, including all kinds of materials from leather, wood, plastic, to metal and brick, etc.

For instance, to clean your wooden desks, chairs, benches, shelves, and walls deeply and safely, we solely wipe them with wood polish and a dry lint-free cloth instead of harsh cleaners.

Clean and replace your bathroom supplies (optional)

To optimise the hygiene level of your bathrooms and WCs, we will keep them clean, dry, odour-free, and bright. Nonetheless, apart from cleaning them with the right tools and techniques, the facilities in these places should be premium products.

If you have not installed quality equipment, including sinks, toilets, mirrors, light bulbs, floor tiles, we can replace your poor-quality ones with supplies from reputable brands.

If you want Odyssey to upgrade your bathrooms to a higher grade, we can bring them to the premier level with products from major brands such as Tork, Kimberly-Clark, BIO, DEB, Enzyme Wizard, and Calfarme. 

Besides, depending on your requirements, we also provide deluxe toilet tissue, hand towels, hand soap cleanser, tissues, hand dryers, and dispensers. It is critical to ensure a luxurious experience for your customers in the bathrooms.

Keep the carpets clean

As professionals, we know that it is too late if you just begin to clean your carpets when stains appear. Our workers clean your carpets on a daily basis or even multiple times a day if needed since they can be considered the face of your shopping centre.

We employ commercial carpet cleaning devices to tidy every inch on and under your carpets. Our leading-edge process consists of vacuuming, getting rid of dirt, dust, fluid, stains, and finally restorative cleaning.

At Odyssey cleaning, clients are able to ask for customised carpet care for specific needs, too.

Clean the windows

Aside from carpets, window panes are also what customers assess the grade of your shopping centre. More significantly, everybody will see your windows from a distance outside, and windows also affect the volume of light and heat the building receives and reflects from the sun. 

Furthermore, cleaning glass windows is a time-consuming, dangerous, and tricky task, especially on the outer side and on higher floors. 

You will want all the window panels in your shopping centre to look clean, shiny, and receive more sunlight and heat in the winter. At the same time, you will not want to see any scratch or crack on these flimsy glass surfaces.

Only trained and experienced window cleaners of Odyssey can carry out such challenging tasks with no risk. Neither anybody nor an inch of a window may be put in jeopardy.

Our employees are also equipped with all the necessary safety gear and fully insured. Hence, there is no need for you to worry about any issue.

Showroom Cleaning

In your shopping centre, one of the most crucial areas is showrooms. As places to show and sell featured products, they have to be extremely impressive, enough to persuade customers to buy products and services there or leave a mark in their mind. 

Above all, we understand that whether these showrooms are exhibiting and selling your own products or those of your prominent partners, they are also the top-notch spots for you to show off brands, logos, highlighted services, and the reputation of your business.

You have our word that we will take care of your car/motor/retail showroom with the best results a service can achieve in Melbourne. 

To make sure that you are 100% satisfactory, we follow a strict process that involves professional steps, dedicated tools, and cleaning products, and is suggested by experts

Like any other service of ours, we offer an upfront and transparent quote with no additional cost before, during, and after the process.

Last but not least, our showroom cleaning service is backed by a liability insurance of the third party in Melbourne. Therefore, everything is double-checked!

Clean Offices and Warehouses

If your shopping centre is a large one with offices and massive warehouses, you have one more reason to pick us!

Maintaining the working rooms and storehouses in a good state is mandatory for your shopping centre to develop well. No partner can continue to cooperate with you if these places are dirty, right?

In addition to conventional cleaning chores, we told you that we were also expertise at sanitising special objects like windows, carpets, furniture, communal equipment, machines, and many more. Hence, we can confidently promise to complete our missions fast and efficiently.

How Much Does Our Service Cost?

First of all, we will inform you on how much standard cleaning companies will charge you in Australia when you hire their services.

  • The average rates of shopping centre cleaning in Australia typically range from $30 per hour (in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, and South Australia) up to $37.50 per hour (in Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales)
  • The cleaning expense per square metre should be approximately $2 to $3/m2 for standard packages and $4.50 to $5.50/m2 for deluxe packages.
  • If the measurement is per square foot, the cleaning rate often ranges from $0.25 to $0.8 per square foot, based on a lot of factors like the type of service type, the total size, extra works, so on.

Of course, it is a common sense that the more you pay, the better thing you get. We cannot deny that this is true in most cases, so we will not try to be the cheapest or the most expensive service. 

What we ensure is we offer more value over the fee we charge. In other words, our clients would be able to receive the best shopping centre cleaning services they can have in a specific price range.

In detail, our competitive prices start from merely $44, including GST (generation-skipping tax). There are sometimes exclusive deals, and you may have an opportunity to get a discount right now!

Just call us or leave a message and we will surpass your temporary cleaning service vendor by 15%, or get 15% off the quote. And you would also be able to have our staff work for free during the first week of our service!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take for Odyssey Cleaning to clean your shopping centre?

Of course, this must depend on the size of your building and the level of cleanliness you want to achieve. As a rule of thumb, it could take four people around 1 hour to thoroughly clean an area of 1000 square feet. 

You can use the formula above to make the calculation by yourself, but if you want to know the most accurate answer, just send us the detailed information about your shopping centre.

  1. Does Odyssey Cleaning have any satisfaction guarantee on the service?

Yes, we do. We are absolutely confident in our staff’s capabilities. If you are still unpleased with the first result, we will clean your shopping centre again for free.

  1. Where are Odyssey Cleaning services available?

We mainly provide our cleaning service in the Melbourne CBD and nearby locations, including South Wharf, Southbank, Albert Park, and Docklands.

Keeping Your Shopping Centre In The Best Condition

Odyssey Cleaning will give your shopping centre a fresh appearance without having to change any brick. We simply deliver a classy Shopping Centres Cleaning service that goes over your expectations.

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