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Choosing a showroom cleaning service can be a daunting task. Why don’t you have a look at Odyssey Cleaning – the #1 showroom cleaning service in Melbourne?

A fresh and clean showroom indicates that you are putting effort into maintaining the high standards of it each day. However, not everyone has time and energy to keep the floor spotless and the products gleaming day by day. In short, to uphold your showroom’s image, turning to a professional cleaning service sounds like the only feasible solution

Are you having trouble choosing a reputable cleaning service for your showroom? Introducing Odyssey Cleaning – the #1 cleaning service in Melbourne.

Why is Showroom Cleaning Necessary?

Showrooms often require extra cleaning and care to enhance the customer experience. That being said, surfaces that are likely to get under human’s palms always need more thorough cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day.

The First Impression

Did you know it doesn’t take any longer than 7 seconds for a customer to decide whether or not they like the store? The first impression is of utmost importance!

Your showroom will have more chances to stand out from the others, meaning there will be more potential customers to make a purchase at your store.

Having a clean showroom will not only increase your sales but also provide customers with great shopping experience. They’re sure to come back for a second time!

A dark and dirty showroom is likely to put off buyers from buying anything – something we don’t want to happen!

Obnoxious Prints!

Car dealerships often have to deal with people touching everything before they actually make a purchase, especially the car windows. Fingerprints left are indispensable, but one after another will stack up and finally, result in the cars being covered in prints!

Cars at showrooms, as well as other demonstrating items, are meant to be touched, whether you want it or not. But at the end of the day, you ought to maintain the car exterior in the best condition, meaning no fingerprints or marks.

Nobody wants to buy a car covered in dirt and other people’s fingerprints. It has to look brand new all the time!

The Floor

If the floor is cleaned properly, it will reflect the ceiling light to create a feeling of added space. Your showroom will appear to be much larger than it actually is when you have a shiny floor.

It is impossible for your staff to make sure every corner is dust-free; there are just so many things to clean! This is the time when you need to outsource the help of commercial cleaning services – Odyssey Cleaning.

The Odyssey Cleaning Service Difference

So, what makes Odyssey Cleaning stand out from the others?

Professional Staff

The staff at Odyssey Cleaning are highly trained to meet any special requirements of your showroom. We can provide customizable service as well as professionally-approved procedures, ensuring your utmost satisfaction towards our service.

Odyssey Cleaning has different teams for cleaning specific areas, ensuring the areas to be clean and clear. Plus, you’re free to monitor the process from far away to make sure everyone is doing their job.

After we’re done with the job, we’ll be glad to provide you with some techniques and methods of keeping the surroundings as clean and shiny as possible until our next visit, if you want to see us again, of course!

Never Miss A Spot

If you own a big showroom, you tend to miss a few spots when cleaning if you’re not experienced cleaner. The thing is, it is the small details that people care about. They’ll judge the whole place based on how clean your car windows are, probably!

All surfaces, especially the floors, will be spotless and shiny! The floor is the first thing to catch one’s attention whenever they come to a showroom, and we got it all covered up for you!

Ensured Quality of the Cleaning Products

Odyssey Cleaning guarantees to use only environmental-friendly and safe cleaning products to ensure the contaminants are thoroughly removed from the surfaces rather than just redistributing them.

Zero Extra Cost

What’s special about Odyssey Cleaning is we only do what you need and require, meaning that there won’t be any additional services, and thus you will never face an extra charge

Believe it or not, there are some services out there that would charge an exorbitant cost for the cleaning areas that you didn’t ask them to, which can be considered a scam. Be aware of these services!

Flexible Cleaning Time

With Odyssey Cleaning, you don’t have to worry about the restraints of office hours as we have a very flexible cleaning schedule. Besides weekly cleaning, you can also book in advance late evenings, early mornings, or weekends cleaning.

Once you have got in touch with us, we will send a team to the showroom to have a better picture of the area as well as discuss terms of benefits for both parties.

After that, we will form a special cleaning process for the best result; you can also tell us the places you want extra care and attention. If you agree with the proposal we have offered, we will send a cleaning team the next day to carry out the process right away.

Competitive Cost

And the most important thing is, we offer a very competitive cost compared to other cleaning services. Still, you can rest assured that you will feel beyond satisfied after we have finished the job.

Quick Cleaning Time

With Odyssey Cleaning, no matter how big your showroom is, it will only take half a day, or even less, for us to thoroughly clean the whole area!

Contact Information

If you’re interested in Odyssey Cleaning, contact 0451042234 (our hotline) for more information!

At Odyssey, we understand the importance of health and safety requirements when it comes to cleaning showrooms in Melbourne. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, which is why there’s no point in waiting!

So, give us a call right away and give your showroom the look it deserves!

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