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Are you having problems with tidying up and cleaning strata and offices? You run around the place with a broom and a mop every passing minute, but you are not satisfied? So, don’t hesitate to come to us – Odyssey Cleaning service. We are committed to delivering the best professional cleaning service in Melbourne, and will turn your strata spotless once again.

There are no spaces that are too challenging for our service to clean. Odyssey Cleaning provides unique purification method solutions to all ranges and scales, especially to strata architecture. Let’s see what we can do for you!

Why do you need to hire a professional house cleaning service?

House cleaning can be an obsession or a burden for busy people. They have to work hard all day, weeks, even months, so they don’t have very little time to make their home tidy. Or maybe they don’t know how to clean and mess things up. 

Then, it’s time for them to choose a professional house cleaning service instead of making our home worse! However, some people wonder what a professional house cleaning service can do and what benefits they can bring them. Here you have the answers!

Keep dust allergies away

One of the biggest problems in your house may be dust allergies. This is a condition that both adults and children are susceptible to. When your house is not cleaned very often, it will result in a dust empire dwelling in the air and make your eyes itchy and your nose runny.

If you hire a professional cleaning team, they will use High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter vacuums to get rid of all of the dust from your home as much as possible. While you are outside doing your work, the professional cleaners chase away the dusts lurking in your carpets, windows, or even dirt in the air. 

Deeper cleaning

You cannot clean your house like professional cleaners do. The reason is that they have the qualifications for the job as well as specific cleaning tools and equipment, while you don’t.

Plus, they are trained to use specialized tools like vacuums, sponges, long dusters, and mops. So, the most difficult places to reach, such as door clearance, door head, or threshold, will never prove to be an issue for them

Give your body a rest

This can be one of the biggest reasons behind the urge to hire a professional cleaning service. When you do the household chores on your own, you can feel it time-consuming and exhausting as well. 

Even worse than that, if you don’t know how to do it well, you will have to spend all-day tidying up over and over. 

Book a cleaning service right away and let yourself enjoy the rest you deserve.

Save time 

Imagine it was the weekend. It should be time for you to hang out and have fun with your family, but you have to miss out on it because you have to stay home cleaning. How awful!

Hiring a cleaning service is an excellent opportunity for you to spend time doing other plans such as hanging out, going shopping, or camping. Don’t worry because all of your housework will be carried out correctly. 

Why Do You Need Odyssey Strata Cleaning?

Strata Cleaning is one of the services of Odyssey Cleaning Management, a Melbourne-based cleaning company. At Strata Cleaning, we believe that cleaning is not just about getting the job done. 

Thus, we always work with our customers to define their cleaning requirements, seeing for ourselves the industry they work in and whether it has any specific cleaning rule to take into account before setting up our management process. We always adhere to the following principles:

Use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We promise that we will make your home or factory in the original condition. Furthermore, we also confirm that you and your workers are perfectly safe because we use environmentally friendly cleaning products. 

Therefore, you no need to worry about getting your place infested with unwanted chemical substances that can do harm for your health! Unlike some other cleaning companies, all of our cleaning products are effective, less smelly, and natural.

No hidden charges

There is no such thing as shady charging procedure when we are at your service. We will check your home or agency to find out the price before providing you with an exact appraise. 

Also, the expenses will depend on the amount of cleaning and the size of the space. However, we ensure that there will be no hidden costs. 

Keep skills updated continuously. 

To create the best experience for customers, we always strive to improve the qualifications of our staff . Therefore, all of our workers are regularly trained to foster vital cleaning skills as well as staying up to date with all the new and effective sanitizing procedures.

Experienced, friendly and approachable cleaners

Right from the recruitment, we have already run a background check on all of our employees. Therefore, you can rest assured that our cleaners are fully experienced, skillful, and also extremely friendly. Nothing will go wrong when they are around your property.

Consider safety first 

We always put the safety of our customers first. As a result, we offer insurance for all occasions, whether it’s a large business or a small apartment we will be working with .

Quick Response To Our Customers’ Request

We understand that you want us to respond quickly. So, we always try to consult and answer customers’ questions as soon as possible. From the first contact to booking the appointment, everything will take place within minutes. 

In Conclusion, 

Odyssey Cleaning company is committed to delivering customers a high quality, precise, excellent cleaning service like none of our competitors. We value honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction above all else. 

Therefore, don’t hesitate to book our service via phone: 1300 980 362 / 0451 042 234. Or you can also reach out to us via our email: admin@odysseycleaning.com.au.

Serving you is a pleasure for us. So, come to us to have the best experience.

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