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If you are considering getting your floor stripped and sealed, this article is exclusively written for you. Check it out now!

After a long time under heavy use, our floor will gradually be downgraded. A stained and muddy floor will put people off and destroy the building’s image. Instead of spending a lot of money on remaking the surface, strip and seal cleaning techniques will renew your floor at an acceptable cost.

Thus, today we jot down this article to provide you with sufficient information about this awesome cleaning method, tips and tricks as well as recommend the best strip and seal cleaning service. Here we go!

What is strip and seal cleaning

Strip and seal cleaning is, in simple terms, a makeover method that turns your old and scratched floor into its original state. The process involved is quite simple. Firstly, the cleaners will remove the floor’s upper surface which usually accumulates dust, scuffs, scratches and rift throughout its entire life.

After the finish comes off, the floor itself is cleaned deeply to ensure its surface is smooth and spotless. Finally, the cleaners will apply a new coat of sealer to bring back the floor’s early state. This step brings a fantastic appearance to the floor, guaranteeing that its good condition will not go away anytime soon.   

If you want a shiny floor, you should add an extra polish layer to deliver a luxury feel, prevent the surface from unwanted damage, and make the cleaning easier than ever.  

Advantages of having floor stripped and sealed

Increase your company’s image

Apart from making sure the place has a compelling quality to it, a polished and clean floor will lift your company’s image to a new level. That is the reason why big corporations, especially the prominent figures of the service industry always focus on the ground floor’s cleanliness. An all but reflective, shiny, and dirt-free floor will make the customers feel comfortable and create good first impressions.

Easier to clean

After being stripped and sealed carefully, floor cleaning is easy as a piece of cake. With just a regular vacuum, you can effortlessly sweep away all the dirt and debris. Being simple as it is, you can say goodbye to the toxic and nasty cleaning agents which are harmful to your health and floor quality.

Better floor protection   

Spills can leave a permanent stain on the floor surface. Thanks to the sealer, your floor is added an extra-strong protection layer. This magical layer can shield the surface from UV rays. So, it is safe to assume that Getting your floor stripped and resealed periodically is the best way to keep it safe in the long run

Enrich the color and shin

A floor that is exposed to the weather frequently will surely fade over time. This is especially true in the case of white tile. But once the stripping and sealing procedure is applied, the floor’s color will be shinier and brighter than ever. This is highly important for the catering and hospitality industries, as a white and hygienic surface will deliver a hygiene and safe feeling.

Extend the lifetime of floor

Everything will last long if you know to maintain it periodically and accurately. The floor isn’t an exception. Stripping and sealing protect the floor surface from harmful factors and increase its longevity for up to 30 years. 

Prevent mold

Wooden floors are easy to get molded, especially those exposed to weather daily. Moisture breaks into the floor and facilitates mold and bacteria to grow up. A proper seal layer will keep your floor dry and block moisture access. 

Why choose Odyssey?

Professional staff

At Odyssey, we always focus on training staff to deliver the best customer experience. We take cleaning seriously and inspire staff to handle the job with the highest responsibility and dedication. Besides, all of our staff are well trained in cleaning techniques to meet customers’ requirements.

Besides, our staff are carefully checked by the police to ensure clear profiles and safety for our clients. 

Cost-effective price

We may not provide the cheapest price but we commit that we offer the highest cleaning quality at a pocket-friendly price. With many years of experience, we can measure exactly how damaged your floor is and propose a proper solution to work out the issue. Thus, we also proceed quickly to save your time and money. 

Plus, our working process is very honest and clear. Once customers agree with our quotation and sign contract, there is no surcharge fee.  

Cutting-edge equipment and facilities

As an expert in the cleaning industry, we prioritize the use of the most modern equipment and facilities to increase effectiveness. Additionally, as an Earth-loving company, we prefer using non-toxic and environment-friendly products to ensure a healthy working space.

A to Z services

At Odyssey, we offer an array of cleaning services, including office, shopping center, showroom, school, child care, medical center, carpet, tiles & grout, body corporate, strip and seal cleaning services. Our 24/7 service is always ready and with one single phone call we will be at your doorstep at once

We always try our best to provide as many services as possible and offer all-in-one cleaning packages to satisfy our beloved customers. Let’s take the strip and seal cleaning service as an example. Instead of only stripping and sealing as usual, we deliver a full-range service including initial cleaning, strip & sealing, and floor polishing without any extra charges.

Excellent customer services

Odyssey always puts clients’ satisfaction as a first priority. We try to manage all steps well, from contacting customers, providing accurate solutions at the right time to collecting customers’ feedback. 

Your feedback is valuable lessons for us to keep innovating and improving our services.


To wrap things up, the sharing above is all you need to know about strip and seal cleaning. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can grasp useful information to transform your downgraded floor into a “good as new” one.

In case you don’t have time to clean the floor yourself, don’t hesitate to contact Odyssey cleaning services. Odyssey surely gives your floor a fresh look with affordable price and outstanding service quality. Please leave your information in the comment section or directly contact us to the phone number above and we’ll contact you in just a second. Have a good day ahead!

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