Strip and Seal cleaning service

Commercial buildings are exposed to very high foot traffic along heavy transportation of equipment such as desks and furniture, that are required the support of trolley, tear and mess. All activities gradually erode the finish and shine of the floor.

Odyssey Cleaning offers strip and seal process to help you to improve the maintenance and cleanliness of the floor, with the use of right sealing chemicals and well-trained procedure to carry out the transformation and ensure protection as well as longevity of your floor.

Why must be Odyssey Cleaning for strip and seal

  • We always apply the most modern technology to the cleaning process to ensure your floor is always clean and shiny.
  • We are always committed to using the right chemicals to prevent your floor from being destroyed or discolored after cleaning, in addition, our cleaning service also increases the life and durability of the floor.
  • The cleaning process takes place quickly, neatly, without affecting your work.

What we have

  • We always use the most modern equipment and facilities for all our cleaning services
  • We have well-trained staff
  • We have friendly, responsible employees
  • We always ensure the cleanliness in the background of each employee
  • We always connect and respond to customers as soon as possible
  • We do not require any surcharge fee 

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