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Tiles are easier to clean than most construction materials available Plus, their patterns, and diverse colors significantly add to the building’s aesthetic look. For this reason, there is nothing to stop tiles from being the popular cover material for floors and walls. 

And to keep it shining and reflective, you have to clean the tiles regularly.But the thing is, it would take you forever to wash all the grime away. Not to mention if you are a busy person, the tiles are sure to be left there unattended year through  year. 

Want to get rid of this issue? Then here we offer a professional service that brings back your buildings the flawless glassy tiles and cleaning grout.

Why do you need Tiles and Grout Cleaning?

Tiles and grout may not be a big concern to many people. However, if we give enough care about our health and our house/building condition, we will recognize there are a bunch of reasons to start putting this cleaning job into consideration:


  • Eliminate harmful bacteria


First and foremost, we need to get tiles and grout clean for the sake of our family health, especially if we have crawling babies or toddlers. It is because those glittering tiles are not always as safe as we thought.

Through the eyes, we can see tiles maintain the sleek and luster look for days without scrubbing or cleaning. This makes us subjective that the floor is still clean, but in fact, it collects a lot of harmful bacteria that can do harm to your kids, who often play on the ground. Above all else, because the cleaning equipment is hard to reach the grout, it is where bacteria thrives the most.


  • For an eye-satisfying house


Secondly, your house will lose its aesthetic look if the tiles and grouts are too worn out. You have invested a lot of money to have a tiled-floor house, and it should be your pride, so why don’t you spend a little more time cleaning or money on cleaning service to keep your house looking its best for years to come?

In addition, if you are on the way to selling the house, it is still better if the tiles and grout look clean and spotless. This can help you get a nice deal with the buyer as well as a higher chance to sell the house at a higher rate.


  • Professional look for cutting-edge buildings


At high-end constructions like shopping malls, supermarkets, companies or any professional place, crack, stain, dirty tiles and grout will make those places lose points. Hence, keeping the tiled wall and floor spotlessly will help create a good image.

For this reason, the owners should schedule a regular cleaning basis or better, book a professional cleaning service to help them with the work.

About our service

Instead of spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing all the stain away, you can leave the job to us – Odyssey Cleaning Service. Here, we do not simply clean but professionally complete the job. When using our service, you can be pleased with these features:


  • Professional workers


At Odyssey Cleaning service, we pride on having professional workers that have gone through a thorough training process. They are well-trained and able to use the cleaning equipment proficiently to wipe out the most stubborn stain, bringing you back the shining luster tiles and stainless grout.


  • Competitive price


Our service ensured to have a competitive price with the professional cleaning process. Still, do not assume that we will opt for any cheap and unreliable approach just to cut down on the total cost. At Odyssey, we keep things professional and will only use quality material to deliver the best efficiency to customers.


  • Guarantee to reach your satisfaction


Customer’s satisfaction is our priority. We guaranteed to clean the tiles and the grout thoroughly to every corner. If there is anywhere that you are not pleased with, we shall do as you wish.


  • Proper technical cleaning procedure


We always strictly follow the technical cleaning procedure to deliver the best tiles and grout condition to customers. After having our service over, what awaits you everytime you come home from a working day would be a spotless, mirror-like tile floor. Who wouldn’t want that?

Not to mention, we set our heart on customers and surrounding people’s comfort, so while handling our work, we are sure to not disturb or cause any discomfort.


  • Provide regular cleaning schedule to maintain the tile’s good condition


To households and residences, if you require, we shall be happy to provide the method of maintaining as long as possible the good condition of the tiles and the grout. If you have any question or request, we will promptly provide them if it is within our ability. 

When you need to change the tiles

When your grout starts to flake or break pieces by pieces and fall down to the ground, or signs that water can seep into the concrete begin showing, it is time for you to repair it. Notice that you need to take action as soon as possible since seeping water will cause further damage.

About the tiles, if it breaks, falls out, or its surface is so worn out that makes your house a lot less attractive, you know it is when you need to replace new ones.

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Now you know how to get away with the stain tiles and grouts. Choosing us, we make sure to meet your satisfaction and provide enthusiastic support to any problem involved in this criteria.

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At Odyssey Cleaning Service, profession is our pride. Come to us and we will show you a cleaning experience like no other!

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